A Christmas Carol: Meet the Main Characters

a young man of the upper-middle class; Scrooges' nephew; very happy and very much in love
Ebenezer Scrooge
a miser; owner of a counting house
Bob Cratchit
a man of the lower class who works for Mr. Scrooge; works long hours to support his family
The Solicitor
a man collecting money door to door; wants to give food to the poor for the holidays
Jacob Marley
Scrooge's old business partner; he appears to Scrooge to warn him to change his mean selfish ways
Spirit of Christmas Past
he helps Scrooge remember the good times from the past; first spirit that Scrooge meets meets at midnight; a leprechauny spirit
Spirit of Christmas Present
the second spirit Scrooge meets that night; she shows him people and things he has closed himself off to for many years
Spirit of Christmas Future
the third spirit, and most ghostly encounter of his evening. No face, no speaking, this spirit shows Scrooge what his fate will be if he continues down the road he is heading.
Tiny Tim
Bob Cratchit's youngest son; a sickly boy; says the most famous line in the story