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age or reason

period of time when people questioned the natural world., They used observation and experimentation

natural rights

everyone is born with certain rights

social contract

a contract between a ruler and his people and the ruler agrees to take care of his people.

seperation of powers

power of gov't is seperated into 3 branches

check and balances

when the 3 branches of gov't check each other to make sure no one has more power

john locke

believe in natural rights of man


believed in freedom of speech


come of checks and balances and seperation of power


came up with the social contract

louis XIV

apsolute monarch in france

devine right theory

all rulers were chosen by god

estates general

the 3 estates of france

tennis counrt oath

when the peasents agreed to form a new gov't in france

storming of the bastille

when the french peasants freed prisoners from jail

absolute monarch

one ruler who has all power

louis XVI

ruler of france

declaration of rights of man

a document that declared what rights french people to have


believed that the king should have absolute power


want to keep the king but limit his power


french people who escorted the king


he was a radical who started the reign of terror

reign of terror

period od time during the french revolution when the radicals kills people who liked the king


a french general. he became the empire of france

napoleons accomlishments

napoleanic code, public schools, natural banks

napoleans reason of defeat

tried to take over russia and was not prepared for the russian winter

congress of vienna

after the french revolution the kings of rurope tried to reverse the idea of the french revolution


a prince of the leader of the congress of vienna

balance of power

when all the european nation made sure no nation had more power the another

social class system


causes and effects of ecomiendia system

unfair social system

nation state

a nation of people when the same mationality, landuage and culture

otto von bismark

united all germans into a german army


saying and doing what you mean


when machines replaced human labor on farms

new tech.


industrial revolution

when people began using machines to make products

adam smith

a economist who believed in capitalism and lassie faire


period of time in history when nations "colonized" other areas of the world

cause of imperialism

need natural resourses, people selling goods to land, refueling stations. "white man burden"


indians who served in the british army

treaty of manging

british is allowed to trade with china

commadore perry

opened up trade for japan

meiji restoration

moderized and wersternized

unclerlying and immediate causes

imperialism militaryism nationism and entangling alliances


when your in a and nobody is winning

new tech.

plains, tanks, machine guns

wilsons 14 points

ways to stop war

treaty of kanagawa

1854 treaty between Japan and the US. Japan agreed to open two ports to American ships

treaty of versaillest

treaty that ended WWI

war guilt clause

blamed germany for cause of the war

league of nations

organization that was suppose to prevent feature wars

results or WWI

economic decline, germany blamed for war and many people were killed

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