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Why did Nare Maghan give his son a griot?

Nare Maghan gave his son a griot to learn the history of his ancestors

According to Nare Maghan, what ws Sundiata's destiny?

Sundiata's destiny was to govern Mali.

What does the statement, " salt and gold conquered much of West Africa" mean?

The trade of salt and gold led to the establishment of kingdoms.

What difficulties did Sundiata have as a child?

Sundiata still crawled at the age of three. He was not handsome or talkative.

Describe the results of Mansa Musa's hajj.

Mansa Musa created trading and diplomatic ties with Muslim states. He brought muslim scholars to Mali. News of Mali's wealth created European interest in African gold.

What were the biggest commodities of West Africa?

Gold and Salt.

Explain why gold and salt dominated Sahara trade.

Gold, which was plentiful in West African kingdoms, was sold in North Africa and Europe. From the Sahara,West Africans recieved salt, which they needed to prevent dehydration- especially in tropical areas. Salt was scarce in Savannah regions.

Which of the following laders set up a dynasty in Songhai?

Askia Muhammad

Which of the flollowing statements explains the establishment of the kingdom of Ghana?

They created a safe haven for trade and taxed it.

What did Muslim merchants bring with them to West Africa?


Women were able to obtain the most power in________.


West Africans recieved salt from_____.

The Sahara

the ideas brought by________ influenced the religion, government and education of many West African societies.

Christian missionaries

why did the farming villages of west africa expand?

they began accumulating a surplus of crops

The farming villages in West africa explored and expanded in all of the following directions except______.

east towards the Sahara

which of the following statemens about the kingdom of ghana is not true?

ghana is located on the interior of west africa

What was the importance of Axum to Ethiopia?

It was the capital and also a major trade port

Describ the religious traditions the enfluenced Ethiopia.

Ethiopians gained Christian traditions from their Axumite ancestors. They adapted East african religious traditions. They also abserved Jewish holidays, based on the traditional belief that they were descendents of King Solomon.

List three cultures that interacted through trade in East Africas.

Greek, Egyptian, Arab, Jewish and Indian.

All of the following statements are true of Axum except:

Axum fell shortly after Africa converted to Islam

What Church was established as Jewish and Chhristian people mixed in Axum?

The Coptic Church

How did prosperous trading cities grow up along Africa's east coast?

Arab and Asian immigrants set up trading communities on Africas east coast. Monsoon winds enabled trading vessels to sail between Africa and India. Trade helped ocal rulers build strong city-states.

The Great Zimbabwe controlled the gold trade in __________.

South Africa

The triangle trade network of 200 B.C. - A.D. 400 was between Africa, the Mediterranean and __________.


Compare how Islam spread throughout Africa to how Christianity was spread throughout other countries.

Islam was spread through traders anad merchants rather than missionaries.

Capital of inland empire whose name means "great stone buildings"

Great Zimbabwe

Axum prospered partly because it had a port on _________.

the Red Sea.

King Ezana of Axum strengthed ties with the Mediterranean world by_________.

converting to Christianity

What was the major effect of Axum's isolation from trade?

Axum was not isolated from trade

The decline of Axum led to all of the following except________.

the rise of Muslim cities

Rather than gold, the queen of Sheba would prefer to have_______.


Axum conqueredand absorbed:


Who was Piankhi?

He was a king from Nubia who conquered Egypt.

What church was established asa Jewish and Christian people mixed in Axum?

The Coptic Church

Christian kingdom in the mountains of East Africa.


Wha do Machu Picchu and Cuzco have in common?

They are both located in the mountains of the Andes

Kingdom of the Soninke people located bewteen the Niger nd Senegal rivers


Aztec monarch


Where was the Nubain Kingdom located?

the upper nile

All young Incan women were required to serve in the army.


What was the impact of the rapids and cataracts on Africas trade and migration

They prevented travel to the interior of Africa

Aztec religion was based on a struggle between what?

good and evil

Mayan cities were built around a central ___________.


aztec god who took the form of a feathered serpent


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