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Political Science Test 3

Pol. Sci. 3
The president's State of the Union address is required by the Constitution
A powerful President during the period of congressional dominance was Abraham Lincoln
Richard Neustadt identifies the heart of the presidential power as the "power to command".
The founding fathers intended for the presidency to be the primary branch of government
Every two years, one-half of the U.S. Senate must stand for reelection
Generally Speaking, representatices tend to share the values of their constituents and vote with the preferences of theose who voted for them.
The constitution provides for a speaker of the house of representatives.
Americans tend to like the institution of Congress more than their own representative
In his role as commander-in-chief, the president possesses the power to make formal declarations of war.
A "maverick" is a member of Congress that quickly gains the respect of their colleagues.
Most of the day-to-day work of drafting legislation takes plave in standing committees.
The president's Cabinet is composed of the secretaries of the major departments of the federal government.
A filibuster is a parliamentary device found in the House but not the Senate
Theodore Sorenson suggests that modern presidents have an almost unlimited ability to carry out their policy preferences.
It takes 2/3rds vote in either the house or the senate in order to override a presidental veto
Regarding the power relationship between Congress and the Presiden, the period of congressional dominance lasted from
When a bill passes the house and senate in different forms, the differneces are resolved by
a conference committee
At what stage does a bill officially become a law
after a president signs the bill
The most important committees in congress are ..... committees.
Which of the following is not a function of Congress.
a. serving constituents
b. executing war.
c. inverstingating the bureaucracy
d. raising money and running for reelection
e. passing legislation
In the last few decades, what percentage of incumbents in the House of Representativves have won re-elections?
over 90%
Regarding the power relationship between Congress and the President, the period of presidential dominance lasted from
Who is the speaker of the house?
the elected leader of the majority party int he house is the speaker.
Add the number of years in a senator's term plus the number of years in a reprsenative's term. Take this total, and add to it the number of the total membership of Congress. Your final number is.
Which congressional leaders are generally assumed to hold the responsible for keeping the rank-and-file members in line?
the whips
A Congressman's vote can be influenced by:
a.his party affiliation
b.the desires of his constituents.
c.information provided by lobbyists.
d.his personal ideology
e.all of the above
In the senate, a... can be stopped by invoking cloture, if sixty senators vote to stop debate.
who cannot formally introduce a bill in congress?
the president
How can a president's veto be overridden by congress?
by a 2/3rds vote in both houses
Members of congress are most likely to come from which of the following professional bakgrounds?
When congress looks into the operatinos of a bureaucratic department or agency, its practiving:
In an ideal political world, a corgressman would automatically vote according to the wishes of his constituents. He would function as a kind of robot, simply carrying out the goals and desires of the people of his district. he political science theory that describes such an ideal picture of a congressman's behavior is the/
congressman as a delegate
In an ideal political world, voters place their faith in their congressman to make policy decisions to the best of his ability. THen. every two or six years, votesr have the opportunity to send a message whether such faith is warranted. The political science theory that describes such an ideal picture of a congressman's behavior is the:
congressman as a trustee
How does the Presidency today compare with the framer's conception of it?
The presidentcy is far stronger than the framers' conception.
the administrations of lyndon johnson and richard nixon fave rise in the 1960s/1970s to which of the following concepts of presidental power?
the imperial presidency
Which of the following is not one of Sorenson's limitations on the president?
limitations of accountability
Which of the following explains the growth inthe power of the presidency in the 20th century?
a. the establishment of an active and internationalist U.S. foreign policy.
b. the growing importance of the media in modern presidental politics
c. constitutional amendments that weakened the powers of congress.
d.constitutional amendments that strengthened the powers of the president.
e.all of the above
f. a and b
g. b and c
According to Richard Neustadt, a president's power depends primarily upon.
his professional reputation and popularity with the American people.
Why is the president's State of the Union address important.
It is an opportunity for the president to set hte legislative agenda by initialing proposals and directing publib attention to the extutive's goals.
In general, the role of the cabinet and its relative importance has...over time
Regarding the organization of the White House staff, Franklin Roosevelt effectively used the ...model while serving as president during the Great Depression.
Which of the following is NOT a ceremonial aspect of the presidency?
a.the music "Hail to the Chief"
b.Presidential Seal
c.appointment of the cabinet-level officials
d.the lighting of the White house christmans tree.
The threat of a veto to stop or shape pending legislation
works much of the time
When a president signs a bill into law, he can write how he wants it to be interpreted. This is called a:
signing statement
Presidents tend to have their highest approval ratings:
in their first year or two.
Because treaties can ofter sit in Senate committees with no action, presidents have responded by entering into ...with othe nations
executive agreements
After his re-election in 2004, President Bush wanted to reform the nation's social security system. Many members of Congress did not support the president's proposal. Congress failed to pass a version of Bush's Social Security legislation duing his second term. Thus, Bush experienced what aspect of Sorenson's theory of presidental limitations?
institutional limitations
James David Barber suggests that the most desirable combination of personality traits for presidents is:
James David Barber suggests that the most dangerou combination of personality traits for presidents is: