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Microsoft Publisher

Learning Microsoft Publisher Lesson 1
Task Pane
a section of the screen containing a list of common tasks you can perform; it changes depending on the context
a document created in Publisher; it could be a newsletter, a flyer, a brochure, or any other type of print material
a file that provides basic design elements, such as styles, page layout settings, and graphics
Quick Publication
a design category of publications consisting of a single-page flyer with placeholders for a picture and a few simple text blocks
Color Scheme
a collection of colors designed to work well together
Font Scheme
a collection of fonts that work well together
the code (usually 3 letters) that follows the period in a file's name (such as .pub for a Publisher file)
the magnification at which the publication appears on-screen
sample text or graphics that Publisher provides in a particular template to help guide you in placing your own text or graphics
Print Range
in a multipage document, the pages that you specify should be printed.
rectangular box or boundary that holds an object or some text in a publication
Selection Handles
round white circles on the board of a selected frame; used to resize the frame
Rotation Handle
the green circle at the top of a selected frame, used to rotate the frame
Aspect Ratio
the ratio of width to height for an object
any character that is not a letter or number (such as *, #, or @)
the text in a frame plus any frames that are linked to it; it can span several text frames or several pages
to highlight something so that whatever command you issue applies to it
a temporary holding area used by Windows programs to move or copy text or images
to reverse an action or command
to reverse an Undo action
Personal Information
stored information about yourself, your job, your company, and how to contact you
Date Code
a code placed in the publication that automatically pulls the current date from your computer's clock whenever the publication is saved or printed
Time Code
a code placed in the publication that automatically pulls the current time from your computer's clock whenever the publication is saved or printed
a program feature that attempts to "guess" your intentions for typing and formatting and applies a change automatically
A typeface; a style of lettering.
1/72 of an inch, a font size measurement.
Scheme Color
A color placeholder that is defined by the chosen color scheme for the publication; it changes when you change the color scheme.
Fixed Color
A color that does not change when the color scheme changes.
Character Spacing
The space between each letter in a block of text.
Drop Cap
An ornamental capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph that is much larger than surrounding letters and that "drops" into the lines beneath it.
A generic term for any text box, picture, drawing, or other piece of data in a publication that has its own frame.
A line around the outside of a frame that is visible when the publication is printed.
A very thin border.
Unable to be seen through; the opposite of transparent.
A small graphic that is repeated around the edge of an object, forming a border.
A fill effect that gradually progresses from one color to another that gives the appearance of how light falls on a shape or moving object.
A repeated character appearing between some text and the next tab stop that helps the eye follow text across the page.
Extra horizontal space inserted on one or both sides of a paragraph.
Hanging Indent
An indent style in which the first line is set with a negative indent in relation to the rest of the paragraph, so it sticks out farther to the left.
Line Spacing
The vertical space between lines.
Text stretched out with extra spacing as needed so that all lines align evenly on both the right and left.
Format Painter
A feature that enables you to copy the formatting from existing text and "paint" it onto other text.
A set of predefined formatting specifications that you can apply to certain text.
The intersection of a row and column in a table.
A rectangular block of cells selected as a group.