Reproductive Practice Questions Adult Health 2

A 20 year old client calls the nurse to report a lump she found in her breast. What should the nurse tell her?
Most lumps are benign, but it is always best to come in for an examination
Which postmenopausal clients complaint should the nurse refer to the healthcare provider?
a. lumpy breasts
b. white nipple discharge
c. episodes of vaginal bleeding
d. excessive diaphoresis at night
c. episodes of vaginal bleeding
could be indicative endometrial cancer
CDC guidelines for healthcare workers caring for HIV patients
wear gloves when coming in contact with the blood or body fluids from a patient with HIV
A female client taking oral contraceptives reports to the nurse that she is experiencing calf pain. What should the nurse instruct her to do?
notify the health care provider for immediate medical attention
Endrometriosis signs and symptoms
dysmenorrhea, painful urination, painful defication and often inability to get pregnant
Instruction for client with fibrocystic changes of the breast?
perform self breast exam every month
A client reports unprotected sexual intercourse one week ago and is worried about HIV exposure. The nurse recommends the client return in...
6 - 12 weeks for a test because thats when seroconversion will occur
A client who is sexually active with several partners asks about IUD. What does the nurse tell the client?
Using an IUD offers no protection against STDS which increases the risk for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
The best time to conceive is ...
two weeks before menstruation
BPH early symptom is
decreased force in urine flow
Chlamydia is treated with
After treatment with antibiotics in clamydia what will need to be done?
Repeat cultures will need to be done
scrotal pain, edema, fever, nausea, vomiting, and chills; able to ambulate when the pain subsides; needs to be distinguished from testicular torsion
physicians prescriptions for which likely disorder? antibiotics, bedrest with bathroom privileges, scrotal elevation, sitz bath, ice packs, and analgesics
- primary prevention STDS
immunizations; abstinence
- secondary prevention of STDS
early diagnosis and treatment of STD
- tertiary prevention STDS
individual has the disease and trying to prevent complications
Post vaginal surgery care
low residue diet initially
- stool softener
- rest in semi fowlers
- provide perineal care after each void
- wash well
- sitz bath
- avoid intercourse for 6 weeks
- avoid lifting for 6 weeks
- leg exercises for 6 weeks
Prostatitis upon digital exam it is
warm, firm, and indurated
fever, chills, perineal and low back pain, and signs of urinary tract infection are symptoms of what problem in a male?
Uterine prolapsed
avoid straining such as coughing and lifting heavy objects; pesseary will be placed
TURP care
1. prevent post - op atlecstatisis
2. adjust flow rate to keep catheter patent
3. monitor the amount of blood in the urine
4. recognize early changes in LOC thats why we use spinal anesthesia
5. bright red bleeding with clots could indicate a problem
What is a complication of TURP?
water intoxication

increased ICP, cerebral edema, increased blood pressure, bradycardia, disorientation , confusion, muscle twitch, visual disturbances, nausea and vomiting
What is excepted after TURP
bladder spasms
After a TURP procedure if the client becomes disoriented or confused...
CONTACT THE DOCTOR could indicate hyponatremia
Normal urine color expected after TURP
pink colored urine

punch colored may indicate irrigation needs to be increased
TSS first significant sign/symptom
sudden high fever and sunburn like rash on the face
hich healthcare practice is most improtant for the postmenopausal client?
increased clacium supplmenets and exercise
A client who is HIV positive asks the nurse, "How will I know when I have AIDS?" Which response is best for the nurse to provide?
AIDS is diagonosed when specific opportunistic infection is found in an otherwise healthy individual
A postmenopausal client asks the nurse why she is experiencing discomfort during intercourse. What response is best for the nurse to provide?
Estrogen deficiency causes the vaginal tissues to become dry and thinner.
Common manifestations in BPH
hesitancy when starting stream
post void dribbling
Which assessment finding indicates a client is experiencing urine retention?
dullness heard on percussion below the umbilicus
What lab tests should be monitored while a client is taking proscar for BPH?
liver function tests
First postoperative nursing intervention from a TURP
a. observe urinary drainage
b. palpate the bladder
c. assess the level of pain
d. encourage oral fluid intake
observe the urinary drainage