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  1. Second Continental Congress
  2. guerilla warfare
  3. Common Sense
  4. Articles of Confederation
  5. Turning Point
  1. a untrained Americans hid in the woods and launched surprise attacks on the British as they progressed northward from Savannah and Charleston weakening the British army
  2. b First constitution of the United States; passed in 1777 by Congress and by all states in 1781
  3. c pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that explains that the colonies needed independence and should form a democratic republic
  4. d After the victory at Saratoga the French decided to ally with the Patriots
  5. e the legislative body of the colonies that acted as the uniting government. Before the revoltuon they formed a committee for foreign affairs, formed a Continental Army, write the Olive Branch Petition, and printed paper money

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  1. 1777; in Burgoyne's route south he was surprised by colonial militia hiding in trees. This was the turning point of the war and an American victory
  2. Officially recognized US independence, gave America all land south of Canda, North of Florida, and east of the Mississippi; other things were negotiated but never happened, including the repayment of debts, the returning of slaves, and the returning of stolen property to the loyalists
  3. high casualty rate, $27 million debt, republicanism, free enterprise
  4. The government was weak under the Articles and only included a legislative branch
  5. a rebellion of 2000 rebels from Massachusetts who raided a federal arsenal and the national government was unable to put them down. Led people to realize that a new Constitution was necessary and led to the Constitutional Convention.

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  1. Divide and ConquerFirst battles of the Revolution, where the "shot heard 'round the world" was heard.


  2. problems with first Constitutionthe founders faced a problem writing the first constitution because the citizens feared a strong national government


  3. Battle of Bunker HillSecond major battle of the revolutionary war. It was a British victory but an American moral victory because they were able to hold off the oncoming British soldiers for two charges before being defeated


  4. Battle of Long IslandAfter progressing northwards and being weakened by guerilla fighters, the British went to Yorktown on the Chesapeake Bay to regroup and wait for supplies. While there the French blockaded the bay and the Americans came down to block the British on the peninsula. The british were forced to surrender, and after this Battle the war lost popular support in Britain.


  5. Lexington and ConcordFirst battles of the Revolution, where the "shot heard 'round the world" was heard.