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Social Studies, Chapter 8, Ancient Greece

Chapter 8 Ancient Greece History 6th Grade

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Chapter 8 Ancient Greece
Chapter 8 Ancient Greece
Because traveling by land in Greece was difficult, the Greeks
Became expert shipbuilders
Which did not take place in the agora?
Greeks hid in the agora from invading armies
Which Greek leader would not have approved of the type of democracy found in the U.S.
What best defines a lyric poem?
A poem set to music
What shows that Greeks strongly influenced our language?
Many English words & expressions come from Greek mythology
How were the Mycenaeans different from the Minoans?
The Mycenaeans lived on the Greek mainland
Which Greek city did not begin as a Greek colony?
Alexandria, Egypt
What best describes a representative democracy?
Citizens elect officials to make laws
What does not describe the first democracy in Athens?
Aristocrats had more power than citizens
Why did many Ancient Greeks visit the oracles at Delphi?
To ask the god Apollo questions
How was the form of democracy in Ancient Greece different from our current form of Democratic government?
Voting took place on broken pieces of pottery
The Minoans and the
Mycenaeans helped shape later Greek cultures
The Aegean
Sea lies to the east of the Greek mainland
The Ancient Greeks believed that their
Gods caused events like thunder & earthquakes
Apollo was the god of the
The Illiad
Tells the story of the last years of the Trojan War
Because they lived on an island, the Mycenaeans spent much of their time at sea
Everyone who lived in a city-state lived inside the city walls.
The citizens in the early democracy of Athens voted by writing on paper.
Hera is the king of the gods.
It was natural for the Ancient Greeks to produce great works of literature because they had always enjoyed telling myths & stories
A Greek famous for his fables
A leader who uses force to hold power
An age marked by great achievements
Rich landowners
Short stories that teach the reader lessons about life or give advice on how to live
Brilliant elected leader who led the Athens government from about 460 BC until 429 BC
A body of stories about gods & heroes that tries to explain how the world works
People who have the right to participate in government
A high hill that often had a fortress on its top
A famous poet and one of the earliest Greek writers