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Chapter 21, etch.

Loop of Henle

Which of the following structures is most likely to be located in the renal medulla?

Production of albumin

Which of the following is NOT a function of the kidney?

collecting duct to the renal pelvis to the ureter to the bladder

Which of the following describes the normal flow of urine?

increased hydrostatic pressure in the glomerular capillaries

Which of the following increases glomerular filtration rate?


Normally, which of the following is completely reabsorbed from the filtrate?

testes are suspended by the spermatic cord

Which of the following about the testes is TRUE?

it is controlled of FSH

Which statement about spermatogenesis is TRUE?

soft, tender, enlarged, dysuria

Which of the following are common significant signs of acute prostatitis?

Hesitancy, dribbling, and frequency

What are the symptoms/applies to benign prostatic hypertrophy?


Which of the following is the first common site of metastisis from prostate cancer?


What is the usual time period from the first day of the last menstrual cycle and the time of birth?

abdominal pain

Common effects of expanding uterus during pregnancy include all of the following except?

persistant blood pressure measuring above 140/90

Which of the following indicates development of pregnancy induced hypertension ?

Mom is RH- and baby is RH+ (RH incompatability)

What is the usual cause of hemolysis of the fetal erythrocytes during pregnancy?

placenta privia

What is the likely cause of painless, bright red vaginal bleeding during the last trimester?

muscle atrophy

Which of the following is likely to develop when a leg is immobilized in a cast?

inadequate circulation at pressure points

Which of the following frequently causes decubitus ulcers?

Statis of secretion of the lungs

What is a major factor predisposing to pulmonary infection in immobilized patients?


Paralysis of the lower part of the body is called?


A major problem associated with immobility and the GI tract?

increase blood glucose levels and stabilize blood pressure

During the stress response glucocorticoids assist in:

cystic fibrosis

Which of the following disorders is stress NOT considered to be an exuberating factor?


Possible complications caused by prolonged severe stress include all BUT ONE OF THESE?

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

A serious consequence of a major disaster first recognized in war veterans is called:


The basis physiological response to stress is the samein all indviduals

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