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Psychology Test 3

An individual's characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling and act is his or her:
Freud believe that ____________ are the "royal road to the unconscious."
The Oedipus complex is the term used by Freud to describe:
boys' feelings of guilt and fear of punishment over their sexual desire for their mother
Freud suggested that slips of the tongue illustrate an incomplete:
Which neo-Freudian theorist emphasized the influence of the collective unconscious in personality development?
Freud's theory of personality has been criticized because it:
offers few testable hypotheses that allow one to determine its validity.
Abraham Maslow suggested that those who fulfill their potential have satisfied the need for:
Carl Rogers suggested that ______ is(are) a central feature of personality.
the self-concept
Humanistic psychologists would most likely be criticized for underestimating the value of:
social obligations
A personality inventory that utilizes only those items that have been shown to differentiate particular groups of people is a(n) _____ test.
empirically derived
Studies of college students' conscientiousness revealed only a modest realtionship between student being conscientious on one occasion and being similarly conscientious on another occasion. This should make psychologists more cautious about overestimating the impact of _______ on behavior.
personality traits
The perception that your fate is determined by luck reflects:
an external locus of control
The body's disease-fighting immune system is most likely to be dampened by:
a pessimistic attributional style
Athletes often attribute their losses to bad officiating. This best illustrates:
self-serving bias
Psychiatrists and psychologists label behavior as disordered when it is:
deviant, distressful, and dysfunctional
The discovery that psychologically disordered behavior could result form syphilis infections facilitated the credibility and acceptance of:
the medial model
Some psychological disorders occur primarily in one culture. However, ____ occurs worldwide.
When children are told that certain classmates have learning diabilites, they may behave in ways that inhibit the success of those students in the classroom. This best illustrates the dangers of:
self-fulfilling prophecies
A deluded Scotsman, Daniel M'Naughten, tried to assassinate a government official in 1843. He was sent to a mental hospital rather than a prison because he was judged to:
be insane
In comparison to generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder is characterized by periods of distress that are:
more intense and less prolonged
Obsessions are:
offensive and unwanted thoughts that persistently preoccupy a person
Some psychologists believe that due partly to a broader definition of trauma, mental health professionals have been over diagnosing:
A traumatic experience may trigger a lasting phobia in a child with a sensitive, high-strung temperament. The same experience, however, may have no long-term impact on a child with a more relaxed temperament. This best illustrates the role of ________ in the development of phobias.
genetic predispositions
Disruptions in conscious awareness and sense of identity are most characteristic of _______ disorders.
Evidence that many dissociative identity disorder patients have suffered abuse as children leads some psychologists to include dissociative disorders under the umbrella of:
post-traumatic stress disorder
The distinctive older term psychopath refers to an individual with:
antisocial personality disorder
A conversion disorder is most likely to be characterized by:
very specific physical symptoms that have no apparent physiological basis
Psychological disorders characterized by inflexible, enduring, and socially maladaptive behavior patterns are called _____ disorders.
A major depressive disorder is most likely to be characterized by:
feelings of personal worthlessness
During the manic phase of bipolar disorder, individuals are most likely to:
be overactive
The risk of suicide is greatest when people:
begin to rebound from their depression
Women are at greater risk of depression than men partially because women are more likely to _______ in response to stressful circumstances.
To break the vicious cycle of depression, the social-cognitive perspective suggests that people should be encouraged to explain their failures in terms that are both:
external and temporary
A person with schizophrenia whose speech is so full of unrelated words and phrase is said to be exhibiting:
word salad
One of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia is:
an expressionless face
Schizophrenia is associated with an excess of receptors for:
Disruptive or withdrawn behavior, poor peer relations, and solo play have been noted as early warning signs of:
Evidence suggests that prenatal viral infections contribute to:
Delusions of persecution are most common among those with ___________ schizophrenia.
There is some evidence that a relatively low level of autonomic nervous system arousal may contribute to:
antisocial personality disorder
Which disorder is characterized by the most sudden and unpredictable episodes of distress?
panic disorder
The DSM-IV-TR does NOT:
explain the causes of the various psychological disorders
Assessing an individual's standing on the Big Five today has the advantage of providing a ______ personality description.
According to Freud, the part of personality that represents our sense of right and wrong and our ideal standards is the: