baking 1 final review

profesional baking

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butter is the preferred fat when making tarts out of pate brisee because
taste is highly important
while baking, puff pastry can increase in size by as much as
8 times
the blitz puff pastry method is very similar to
flaky pie dough
To roll puff pastry the dough should be
cool and firm
Eclair paste is similar to popover batter because both are leavened by
some baked meringues are reffered to as sponges because they contain
cake flour
When creaming fat and sugar for a cake batter the mixer should be set at
medium speed
the best temperature for a cake batter emulsion is?
70 degrees
the process of creaming fat and sugar together is to
incorporate air
chemical leaveners in a cake function as
This ingredient functions as a tenderizer, a toughner, and a moistener
a cake is done if the center of the cake
springs back when touched, or is dry when a toothpick is inserted and removed
to make a cookie softer, the proportion of this ingredient should be incresed
Cookies made from high proportions of eggs tend to be
In the creaming method, to much creaming will make the cookie
to crumbly
These cookies have a rough homemade look to them
The dough for this type of cookie is shaped into cylinders, wrapped and refrigerated
The makeup method for chocolate chip cookies is the
drop method
The four basic characteristics of cookies are
crispness, softness, chewiness, and spread
in cookie terms, softness is the opposite of
the basic cookie mixing methods are:
one-stage, creaming, sanding (sablage), sponge.
Bud made a mistake by greasing his pan too heavily. Chef Costello reminds him that this will cause the cookies to spread to much and suggest he _____ to reduce thier spread
increase oven temp.
Wanda asked the baker why he double panned his last batch of cookies, his answer was
to prevent the bottoms from buring
Too low an oven temperature can cause the cookies to
This fat has the right consistancy to make a flaky pie crust, and make an easily workable dough
regular hydrogenated shortning
This ingredient haelp a pie crust brown more quickly
When making baked fruit pies the bottom dough should be
Pie should e rolled out to a uniform thickness of
Solid packed canned fruits contain
no water
Which of the following fresh fruits will dissolve gelatin
raw pineapple or papaya
Salt is incorporated into pie dough by
dissolving in liquid
The best flour to use in flaky pie crust is
Pastry Flour
A soggy bottom crust might be caused by
underbaked bottom crust, or soaking up moisture from filling
Many puddings, Bavarians, Mousses and Souffles and frozen desserts are based on
creme anglaise and pastry cream
The light texture of Bavarians, Mousses, and Souffles depends upon
meringue,s, whipped cream, or both
Prevent the outside edge of pudding from overbaking before the inside is set by baking
in a water bath
The amount of_________ in a custard determines its firmness
The eggs in custard become completely cooked or coagulated by _______ degrees F
185 degrees
Why is the milk used in baked puddings should be scalded
reduces cooking time and helps product cook more evenly
Trianna's Bavarian is rubbery as a gummy bear. Apparently she
used to much gelatin
Whipped cream that is folded into a hot base will
_________ can be used for a base for a Souffle
pastry creams or sweetened white sauces...
A standard Souffle contains
base, flavoring ingredient, egg whites
The base of French-style ice cream is
creme anglaise
Which of the following products contain no egg yolks
philidelphia style...
An ice cream or sherbet that was not churned while it was frozen would
they would freeze solid...
Which one of the following is a quality factor of ice cream
smoothness, overrun and mouth feel
Which of the following qualities of ice cream is dependent on the other two
mouth feel
Three scoops of vanilla ice cream alternating with layers of chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream served in a tall narrow glass is a
Chef Feldsien asked each of his four students to state an important fact about the storage and service of ice cream ans sherbets. Which of them remembered the information from the textbook correctly
store below 0 degrees, prepare for service by tempering at 8 to 15 degrees, do not pack the ice cream but draw scoop across top, use standars portioning sccops to portion ...
Pared apples are dipped in a solution of _______ to prevent them from turning brown
lemon juice...
An apple dessert baked in a streusel or crumb topping is called apple
An apple dessert baked in a dish with a pastry top is called apple
A baked apple dessert consisting of layers of fruit and cake crumbs is called
How many ounces are in 5 pounds of flour
Protecting the product from air, adding moisture retainers to the formula, and freezing are recommended ways to
slow staling
When an emolusion contains more water than the fat can hold, the mixture
breaks or curdles
Shortenings are primarily used in baking to
take the plaec of the missing fat...
What common bakeshop ingredient strengthens gluten structure and inhibits yeast growth
To create a dough that is at the proper temperature for fermentations, it is easiest to control the temperature of the
Properly developed yeast dough feels
smooth and elastic...
Yeast continues to grow until the dough
reaches 140 degrees...
what are the parts of the wheat kernel
bran, germ, and endosperm...
How do bakers create a loaf of bread with square slices
by placing in a pan with a lid (pullman)...
In the baker's percentage method, flour is always what percent
When starches absorb moisture, expand and become firm, they are said to
At which stage in the baking process does water evaporate
throughout the entire baking process...
How many Fluid ounces are in One U.S. gallon
How many ounces are 2.5 pounds
Which can be measured in a volume container
water milk and eggs...
What are the functions of fat in a baking process
add moistness and richness, increase keeping quality, add flavor, assist in leavening when used as a creaming agent...
What is step 12 in the "12 steps in yeast dough production"
Bakers prefer to use butter because it
adds flavor and influences texture because it melts in the mouth...
Frozen eggs should be defrosted
placed unopened in the refrigerator and held for 2 days or placed in a defrosting tank containing running water at 50-60 degrees...
To store yeast breads for a long period of time, they should be wrapped and
This yeast dough production step is the process of molding bread into desired shapes
makeup or panning ...
Not listed in the text as yeast dough mixing method
only 3 listed in text are straight dough, modified straight dough, and sponge...
Invert sugar has which of the following properties
resists crystallization, and holds moisture well...
function of sugar in baked goods
add sweetness and flavor, give crust color, create tenderness and fineness of texture, increase keeping quality, act as creaming agent, provide food for yeast...
function of whole eggs in baked goods
structure, leavening, emulsifying of fats, shortening action, moisture, flavor, nutritional value, color...
Salt is used in bread-making because it
strengthens gluten and inhibits yeast growth...
Meringue made by beating hot sugar syrup into egg whites is called
italian meringue...
Which type of sugar is used to make syrups
granulated sugar...
Meringue made by beating sugar into unheated egg whites is called
common or french meringue...
Why are quick breads generally mixed only slightly
for tenderness and only slight gluetin development...
Which term describes the elongated holes sometimes found in quick bread muffins
For which mixing method is the fat cut into the dry ingredients and the dough kneaded before makeup
biscuit method...
Chocolate cream is also known as
What is the key ingredient of meringues
egg whites...
The most accurate way to determine the doneness of a syrup is to
test the temperature with a candy thermometer...
A puree of fresh fruit is also known as a
Quick breads such as muffins and loaves use this to rise
chemical leaveners and steam...