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Development of Clubs
* Many clubs are designed around a housing development where the neigh orchid can utilize the services of the club (golf, tennis, pool)
* members own them; they are not for profit
What is the oldest golf this side of the Mississippi?
Norwood Country Club
Private Club
Place where members gather for social, recreational, professional, & fraternal reasons
What are the affluent people called who are attracted to the ambiance of country clubs?
* Blue Bloods
* Old Money
* Crackers
From where are county clubs adapted?
*From their predecessors from England & Scotland
What is recognized as the birthplace of golf?
* The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland, founded in 1758
How are new golf clubs born?
When a developer purchases a tract of land & builds a golf course with a clubhouse surrounded by homes or condominiums
What is the size & scope of Club Industry?
* 14,000 clubs in America - both country & city
* 6,000 country clubs
* Economic impact of clubs is in the billions when all resources of clubs are considered
Country Clubs
* Nearly all have 1 or more golf courses, a clubhouse, locker rooms, lounges, bars, restaurants, & most have banquet facilities
* Monthly dues range from $100-$1,500 with the average being about $250-$350
*Initiation fee can be as much as $250,000
Country Club Memberships
* Full Membership
*Social Membership
* Weekday
* Weekend
*The more exclusive the club, the fewer the types of membership.
Full Membership
* Enables members to use all the facilities all the time
Social Membership
Only allows members to use the social facilities, including lounges, bars, & restaurants, & perhaps the pool & tennis courts
City Clubs
* Predominantly business oriented
* Vary in size, location, type of facility, & services offered
* some of the older, established clubs own their own buildings; others lease space
Types of Clubs
* Country club
* City Club
* Professional Club
* Social Club
* Athletic Clubs
* Dining Clubs
* University Clubs
Professional Clubs
* For people in the same profession
* The national Press Club in Washington, D.C.
* The Lawyer's Club in NY
* Friars Club for actors & other theatrical people
Social Clubs
* Allow members to enjoy one another's company.
* Members represent many different professions, yet they have a similar socioeconomic backgrounds.
* Modeled after the famous men's social clubs in London such as Boodles, St. James's, & White's
* It is bad form to discuss business
What is the oldest social club in America?
* The Fish House in Philadelphia founded in 1832
* Formed as a men's cooking club with each member taking turns preparing meals for the membership
Athletic Clubs
* Give city workers & residents an opportunity to work out, swim play squash and/or racquetball, & so on
* Have lounges, bars, & restaurants so members can relax & interact socially
What is an Executive Workout
* Begins with a visit to the steam room, followed by a trip to the Jacuzzi, then sauna, a massage, & nap in the resting room before showering & returning to work
Dining Clubs
* Generally located in large city office blgs.
* Memberships are often given as an inducement to tenants who lease space in the bldg
* Always open for lunch & occasionally for dinner
University Clubs
* Private clubs for alumni or alumnae
* Generally located in the big-rent district
* Offer a variety of facilities & attractions focusing on food & beverage service
Military Clubs
* Cater to non-commissioned officers & enlisted officers
* Offer similar facilities as other clubs for recreation & entertainment & food & beverage offerings
What is the largest Military Club in the country:
* Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA
* Has over 6,000 members, 54 holes of golf, 2 clubhouses
Yacht Clubs
* Provide members with moorage slips, where their boats are kept secure
* Have lounge, bar, & dining facilities similar to other clubs
* Based on a sailing theme & attract members with various backgrounds who have sailing as a common interest
Fraternal Clubs
* Include many special organizations, such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Elks, & Shriners
* Foster camaraderie & often assist charitable causes
proprietary Clubs
* Operate on a for-profit basis
* Owned by corporations or individuals
* people wanting to become members purchase a membership, not a share in the club
* Became popular with the estate boom in the 1970's & 1980's
* sm initiation fee & montly dues $30-$40, allowing the whole family to participate in a wide variety of recreational activities.
Who are the Key players in the Club Industry
* ClubCorp
* WCI Communities
* American Golf
* Founded in 1957
* World leader in delivering premier golf, private club, & resort experiences
* Operates 170 golf courses, country clubs, private business & sports clubs, & resorts
* $1.5 billion in assets
* Pinehurst in the Village of Pinehurst, NC
* More than 60 business clubs & business & sports clubs including the Boston College Club, City Club on Bunker Hill in LA
* 18,000 employees
* 200,000 member households
* In the business of building relationships & enriching lives
WCI Communities
* Industry leader in building lifestyles, not just homes & communities
* 50 master-planned communities
* 60-plus luxury high-rise towers in FL, NY, NJ, CONN, & Washington DC area
* focus on building primary move-up, retirement, & second homes
* Named America's Best Builder in 2004 by the National Association of Homebuilders
American Golf
* Multi billion $ worldwide
* Over 170 premier private, resort, & daily fee golf courses in the US.
* Responsible for more than 35,000 events each year
* Employees more than 10,000 people
* American Golf & the Tiger Wood Foundation formed an alliance to foster opportunities for underprivileged youths to learn & play golf
Club Management
* Similar in many ways to hotel mgmt both have evolved in recent years
* The General Mgr of clubs now assume the role of CEO, & in some cases CEO of the corp.
* Main difference between club mgmt & hotel mgmt is that with clubs the guests feel as if they are the owners
* Most clubs do not offer sleeping accommodations
* Member pay an initiation fee & annual dues
Club Managers Association Of America (CMAA)
* Professional organization to which many of the club mgrs of the 6,000 private country clubs belong
* Goal is to advance the profession of the club mgmt by fulfilling the educational & related needs of the club mgrs.
* provides networking opportunities & foster camaraderie among its member mgrs through meeting & conferences held locally & nationally
* new model is based on the premise that GM or COO are more than chief operating officers responsible for operation assets & investments & club culture
Core Competencies of a GM or COO
* Tier 1: Operations: private club mgmt, f&b, acct. & financial mgmt, Human & professional resources, bldg & facilities mgmt, external & govt influences, mgmt, mktg, & sports & recreation
* Tier 2 : Asset Mgmt : Must be able to manage the physical property, the financial well being, & HR of the club
* Tier 3 : Culture : Preserving & fostering the culture of the club such as traditions, history & vision
Club Mgmt Structure
* Members
* Board of Directors
* Executive Committee
* Treasurer
* General Manager
* Secretary
* Internal mgmt structure of a club is governed by the corparticles of incorporation & bylaws
* Officers represent the membership by establishing polices by which the club will operate
* Group of people who get together and decide important things. Meetings are conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order
Ad Hoc
When the president appoints additional committees to serve specific functions.
General Manager of a club
* Serves as CEO of the club
* manages all aspects of the club
* Establishes a basic personnel policy
* Is a member of CMAA
* Reports to Club President & Bd of Directors
Food & Beverage Mgmt
* Similar to hotel except the owners are (once again) the guests
* F&B director reports to GM
* Generally have a formal or semiformal restaurant & a casual dining facility
* Clubs may also have a function room for catering to banquets, weddings, & other private parties
Organization chart of a country club
1. Club Member Elect
2. A bd of dir who employ a GM
3. GM
4. F&B
Golf Course Superintendent
* Key to success of the quality & condition of the golf course - greens, bunkers or traps, teeing surfaces, fairways, rough
* Works with the Greens Committee & the Golf Committee to ensure all the goals of the club are met & maintained
* The area surrounding the hole that the golf ball is knocked into. Measured by how fast they are
Stint Measure
Used to measure the ball's ability to travel across the green - known as the quickness of the green
Bunkers or traps
Sandbox-like areas on the course
Teeing Surfaces
The area where players tee-off
The long stretch of grass between the tee-off area & the hole that players are supposed to hit the ball into
The area on each side of the fairway leading to the green
Golf Professional
* Handles all tournaments such as club-sponsored fund-raisers
* six figure income
* Responsible for: Caddies, Driving range, Ball cleaning , Markers
Golf Shop
* Used to be run by the golf professional but in recent years clubs have realized that there is a need to upgrade the shop & extend the range of merchandise
* Many shops have revenues in excess of $1 million
* Stocks a range of golfing equipment from balls to clubs to clothing
Sustainable CC Mgmt
* Environmental Institute for Golf lists these practices
* Reducing energy - especially during peak times
* Hold depth accountable for energy consumption-Recycle
Trends in Club Mgmt
* Some country clubs are part of an estate development, which includes a of course with houses surrounding the course
* The GM is very involved with the overall operation of the total real estate package
* A few clubs are beginning to introduce spas as an additional amenity for members
* The golf professional is now more likely to be a member of staff rather than a contract for hire
* The golf shop is being run by the club, not the golf professional
A Career Path in Club Mgmt
1. 2-4+ years Culinary & Service Experience
2. Dining Room Mgr
3. Assistant Catering mgr
4. Catering Mgr
5. F & B Mgr
6. Club Mgr
7. GM
Development of Theme Parks
Began in the 1920's in Buena Park, CA with a small berry farm & tea room called Knott's Restaurant
Knott's Berry Farm
* 1920"s started as a berry farm & tea room
* After 80 years, it has become the largest independent them part in the US
* 150 acres of rides, attractions, live entertainment, historical exhibits, dining, & specialty shops
* 6 themes - Ghost Town, Indian Trails, Fiesta Village, the Boardwalk, Wild Water Wilderness, & Camp Snoopy
* Created by Walter Knott
What was Walter Knott's motto
The more complex the world becomes, the more people turn to the past & the simple things in life.
Theme Parks
* Favorite tourist activity
* Create an atmosphere of another place & time & usually concentrate on one dominant theme.
* contain attractions that may or may not include themes based on history, culture, or geography.
Size & Scope of the Industry
* Theme parks & attractions vary according to theme, which might be historical, cultural, geographical, & so on
* some parks & attractions focus on a single theme, others forces on multiple themes
* There is an abundance of theme parks located throughout the US
Key Players in the Theme Park Industry
* Walt Disney World
* Hershey's
* Six Flags
* Universal Studios
* Sea World Parks & Entertainment
Walt Disney World
* Magic Kingdom
* Epcot
* MGM Studios
* Animal Kingdom
* Swimming pools, 25 lighted tennis courts, 99 holes of championship golf, marinas, jogging, bike, trails, water skiing, & motor boating
Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World
* More than 40 major shows & ride-through attractions
* 7 lands
* first famous theme park
* happiest land on earth
* where "age relives fond memories" & "youth may savor the challenge & promise of the future."
What are the 7 lands of Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World
* Main Street USA - turn of the century charm
* Adventureland - Explore with Pirates of the Caribbean
* Frontierland - Thrills on Splash mtn & Big Thunder Mtn RR
* Liberty Square - Steamboating on the Rivers of America
* Fantasyland - Cinderella Castle
* Micheky's Toontown Fair - Mickey's House, Grandma's Duck Farm
* Tomorrowland - Sci-Fi city of the future
Epcot in Walt Disney World
* A unique permanent, & ever-changing world's fair with 2 major themes
* Future World & World Showcase
What is Future World at Epcot in Walt Disney world
* Shows an amazing exposition of technology for the near future for home, work, & play in INNOVENTIONS.
What is World Showcase at Epcot
* Pavilions where guests can see world-famous landmarks & sample the native food entertainment, & culture of 11 nations
1. Mexico
2. Norway
3. China
4. Germany
5. Italy
6. U.S.
7. Japan
8. Morocco
9. France
10. United Kingdom
11. Canada
MGM Studios in Walt Disney World
* 50 major shows, shops, restaurants, ride-through adventures, & backstage tours
* Combines actual working motion picture, animation & television studios with exciting movie attractions
Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World
* Focuses on nature & the animal world around us
* Guests can go on time-traveling rides & come face to face with animals from the prehistoric past in the present.
Universal Studios
* Guided tours on its famous movie sets
* Most formidable competitor facing the Disney Corp
* One reason for Universal's success is its adaptation of movies into thrill rides
* Another is their commitment to guest participation
* Largest movie studio & theme park is Universal Hollywood
* In Spain, China, & Japan
* 5 Universal theme parks
What are the 5 Universal Theme Parks
* Universal Studios Hollywood - 1st Universal park & now the world's largest movie studio & theme park
* Universal Orlando - 2 theme parks, several themed resorts, & a city walk
* Universal Studios PortAventura in Spain - 5 worlds of fun & entertainment from China to Polynesia, Mexico, the Far West & Mediterranean
* Universal Studios Experience in Beijing
* Universal Studios Japan - 18 rides & shows
Anheuser-Bush Companies
* Largest corporate-owned theme/animal park company in the US
* Leader in conservation & education
* Dedicated to preserving marine life & uses innovative programs to research various wildlife dilemmas.
* Includes:
a. Sea World
b. Busch Gardens
c. Adventure Island
d. Water Country USA
e. Sesame Place
f. Discovery Cove
Sea World
* SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment includes Busch Gardens & is a division of Blackstone Group
* Marine & land animals
* highly developed educational programs
* Active within conservation, research, & wildlife assistance worldwide.
* company is dedicated to preserving marine life
* Research & rescue programs are subsidized through guest revenue
* 3 of them located in California Florida & Texas
Busch Gardens
* feature both exciting thrill rides & attractions
* large zoos & safari parks
* located in Tampa, FL & Williamsburg, VA
* Most well known of the animal theme parks
Adventure Island
* located in Tampa
* Only water theme park on Fl's West Coast
Water Country USA
* Located in Williamsbur, A
* Mid-Atlantic's largest water park
* More than 30 water rides & attractions
Sesame Place
* 14 acre park in Langhorne, PA
* dedicated totally to Sesame Street
Discovery Cove
* Adjacent to Sea World in Orlando, FL
* Exclusive, reservations-onlytropical paradise
* 1894, Milton Hershey wanted to make chocolate to coat his caramels
* Lancaster, PA
* 1907 opened Hershey Park as a leisure par for employees of Hershey's Company
* 1908 the park started its soon-to-be huge expansion
* Park continued to add more rides & attractions. As the park continued to expand, the company decided to open the park to the public
* 1971 the park underwent redevelopment to turn the small regional park into a large heme park
* Dedicates his profits to his orphanage
Six Flags
* Owns & operates 18 properties throughout North America
* Includes Mexico City & Montreal
* World's largest regional theme park company
* 98% of the U.S. population is within an 8-hour drive to any one of its parks
* Founder of the park is Angus Wynne, a Texas oil baron.
* transformed a simple amusement park into a theme park by adding innovative rides with theme presentations
* First park was in TX in 1961
* Named after the 6 different flags that flew over TX at one time, representing the 6 different countries that marked Tx's past history
* Now has a licensing agreement with DC Comics & Warner Bros
* In 1996, Six Flags went public. Shares were $18 each & their purchase totaled nearly $70 million
Walt Disney, the man
* In 1923, at age 21, arrived in LA to start a new business with his brother Roy
* Mickey & Minnie first appeared in Steamboat Willie which also incorporated music & sound
* First film was snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
Regional Theme Parks
* Dollywood
* LegoLand
* Gatorland
* Wet 'n Wild
* In 1961, a small attraction with a Civil War theme called Rebel Railroad opened its doors to the public
* Dollywood came about in 1986 when Dolly Parton became a co-owner of the park
* 125 acres in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mtns in Pigeon Forge, TN
* 2.5 million visitors every year & continues to be Tennessee's #1 tourist attraction
* Owned & operated by the LEGO Group
* Marketed toward young families
* Opened in 1968 in Billund, Denmark with 3,000 visitors on the first day
* Four parks located in Windsor, England; Gunzburg, Germany; Carlsbad, CA; & Billund, Denmark
* Each park features a mainland, which is made up of millions of bricks that create models of landmarks & scenes from all around the world.
* Started when Owen Godwin built an alligator pit in his backyard
* After WWII, Godwin bought a 16-acre plot located off of Florida's second most traveled highway
* Provide a close-up view of Florida's animals in they native habitat
* Opened in 1949 under the name-lorida Wildlife Institute
* 1954 Changed the name to Gatorland
* features alligators, crocodiles, a breeding marsh, reptilian shows, a petting zoo, a swamp walk, educational programs, & train rides.
* One of the oldest attractions in the area
Wet 'n Wild
* First major water park in the US
* Founded by George Millay in 1977 in Orlando, FL
* Millay received the 1st Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Waterpark Association for having created this.
* Millay was named the official "Father of the Waterpark"
* 2 parks - Florida & North Carolina
* In 1998, owner Goerge Millay sold the Orlando Park to Universal Studios Recreation Group
Theme Park Management
* Similar to managing other hospitality operations
* 1. Planning - staffing the park
2. Organizing - the right support teams in place
3. Decision making - Long range & short range
4. Communicating - emails, telephone, USPS
5. Motivating - Happiness of guests depends on the happiness of employees
6. Controlling - provides information to mgmt for decision-making purposes
Fairs Festivals, & Events
* Fairs, festivals & events are public celebrations that are stages all over the world.
* Woodstock, Gay Pride, the Olympic Games & your local farmer's mkt.
* Oktoberfest
* The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
* Reggae on the River
* Mardi Gras
* Grand Ole Opry
* Rivers of beer & rowdy people
* 16- day festival
* About 6 million visitors attend each year
* 1st one held on October 17, 1810 in Munich, in honor of the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Therese Von Sare-Hildburghausen
The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
* World's most famous Carnival in Rio's main event
* Happens at the peak of the Brazilian summer
* 4-day celebration
* Starts on a Saturday and ends on Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras)
Reggae on the River
* Small event held in CA
* Important in the area of leisure travel
* Music festivals
Mardi Gras
* Began over 100 years ago as a carnival & has evolved into a world-renowned party
* Bourbon Street is home to most of the party-going crowd
* Beads are big
* The largest & most elaborate parades
* Krewe of Endymion & Bacchus parades take place on the weekend before Mardi Gras designated the "Day of Un-Rule"
Employment in Theme Parks
* Over 600,000 worker in the theme park industry
* Designers & artists come up with new ride concepts, develop technical plans for the ride & paint & decorate the finished product
*Inspectors to make sure the rides are safe. Must be certified through the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials
* Repair people
* Scientists
* Professionals
Salaries for Theme Park frontline mgrs
$20,000 - $50,000 per year
Salaries for Middle Mgrs
Trends in the Theme Park Industry
* New parks will focus on themes that are tied to the country or local region in which they are located
* Theme parks will become more of a symbol for regional pride, culture, & technological advancement
* New rices are being redeveloped so that the riders can control the experience & intensity of the ride themselves
* Futur expansion in the use of simulation virtual reality rides
* Increasingly more use of water-related activities with ties, landscaping, & attractions
* Continual development of artificial environments so that the parks can operate in all weather conditions
* The expansion of theme parks will result in greater job opportunities.
Gaming Entertainment
* Global industry with 5 types of legal gambling in the US
a. Charitable gaming
b. Commercial casinos
c. Lotteries
d. Native American gaming
e. Pari-mutuel gaming
f. Land-based & Riverboat Casinos
g. Card Rooms
h. Greyhound & horse races
* Known as the Casino Business
* refers to the casino gaming business & all its aspects, including hotel operations, entertainment offerings, retail shopping, recreational activities, & other types of operations, in addition to wagering on the gaming floor
Size & Scope of the Gaming Industry
* 445-462 Casinos in 11 states
* None in Utah & Hawaii
* Pays billions of dollars per year in gambling privilege taxes to state governments.
* Pay an average of 12%of total revenues in taxes
* Creates new jobs
* revitalizes local economies
* Playing a game of risk for the thrill of the "action" & the chance of making money.
Steve Wynn
* Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts who says the casino floor is "a thing which people pass on their way to visit the things that really matter to them"
* The total amount of all bets
* The net amount spent by the guest is called the win y the gaming entertainment industry
Social Gamblers
* Customers who play a game of risk as a form of entertainment & a social activity.
* interested in many gaming entertainment amenities & take part in many diverse activities during a stay.
Entertainment Megastore
* The heart of the gaming entertainment, according to Glen Schaeffer, president of Circus Circus
What does Gaming Entertainment include
* Theme Parks
* Thrill Rides
* Museums
* Cultural Centers
Casino Revenues
* Produced from casino win, or the money guests spend on the casino floor
* The odds of any casino game favor the house
Nongaming Revenue
* Comes from sources that are not related to waging on the casino floor
* Increasing in importance
Land based Casinos
* Casinos are house in regular bldgs.
* Operated by Native American tribes on their reservations& tribal lands
Cruise to nowhere
* Gaming & entertainment onboard the ship are the main attraction
Commercial Casinos
* Account for 36% of gaming revenue
Casino Player Profile
* Tend to have higher levels of income & education
* Most likely hold white-collar jobs
* 54.1 million UD households gamble in casinos (more than a quarter of all households)
* More than 80% of US adults say casino entertainment is acceptable for themselves or others
Las Vegas Customer Profile
* Younger demographic o guests who spend money in search of a total entertainment experience
* average visitor stays 4.3 days, spending 2.6 hours per day on gaming activities.
Gaming Versus Gambling
Gaming Entertainment:
* Casino floor (gambling)
* High-quality food & beverage
* Hotel rooms
* Live performances
* Theme park, theme rides, museums
* Land-based & riverboats
* Playing a game of risk for a chance of making money
Historical Review of Gaming
* Today the precise origin of gambling is still unknown
* There are Chinese records that date the first official account of the practice as far back as 2300BC
* A public gambling house was legalized for the first time in 1626 in Venice, Italy
* Romans were also gamblers who placed bets on chariot races, cockfights & dice throwing
* Gambling (games of chance) were banned for a while except for during the winter festival of Saturnalia
* Has its roots in LasVegas
Las Vegas
* From 1940-1976 Las Vegas was a monopoly for gaming
* City represents the American dream since the state of Nevada legalized gambling in 1931
* Rich with tales of Bugsy Siegel
* First casino was here because no one was her, just deserts & an airport. It was for organized crime
Who is Benjamin Hymen Siegel
* Bugsy Siegel
* Born February 28, 1906 in Brooklyn, NY to a poor Austrian Jewish family
* began his career very young by extorting money from pushcart peddlers
* Eventually turned to a life of bootlegging gambling rakets, & murder-for-hire operations
built the Flamingo Hotel & Casino
* Died in his Beverly Hills home in June,1947by butllet fired thru his living-room window
Casino Control Act
* Legalized gambling in the state of NJ
* Initiated a # of fees & taxes specific to the casino hotel business that would provide revenues to support regulatory costs, etc
* Created the Casino Control Commission
Casino Control Commission
* Purpose was to ensure the success & integrity of the Atlantic City casino industry and to carry out the objective of reversing the tithe's economic fortunes
Native American Gaming
* Fastest growing sector of casino gaming
* In 1987, the Supreme Court determined if a state has gaming, so can Native Americans
* 11% of all winnings are from native american casinos
* Reservations are nations within a nation
* Created the indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA)
Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA)
* Provide a statutory basis for the operations of gaming by the Native American tribe
* Provide a statutory basis for the regulation of gaming
* Establish an independent regulatory authority
* Provide framework for games
* Defines different "classes" of gaming
What are the 3 objectives of the IGRA
1. Provide a statutory basis for the operation of gaibg b Native American tribes
2. Provide a statutory basis for the regulation of gaming by a Native American tribe
3. Establish an independent regulatory authority, the national Indian Gaming Commission for towering gaming activity on Native American lands
What are the 3 Different Classes of Native American Gaming
1. Class I: social games played solely for prizes of minimum value or traditional forms of Native American gaming
2. Class II :gaming consisting of bingo, & games similar, & card games
3. Class III : gaming consisting of all forms of gaming that are neither class I or class II. Mostly casino games
Key Players in the Gaming Industry
* MGM Mirage resorts
* Harrah's Entertainment
* Boyd Gaming
MGM Mirage Resorts
*World's leading & most respected hotel & gaming companies
* 15 Wholly owned resorts in the US & 50% investment in 3 others
* Located in Nevada Mississippi, & Michigan
* In 2009, Joined Infinity World Development Corp, a subsidiary of Dubai World & developed City Center on 67 acres
MGM Properties
* The Bellagio
* MGM Grand Las Vegas
* The Mirage
* Treasure island
* New York-New York
* Boardwalk Hotel & Casinos
* Several Others
Harrah's Entertainment
* Partnered with Caesers Entertainment
* Now the world's biggest Casino operator
* Operates 40 Casinos in 3 countries
* a $1.5 billion company publicly traded on the NY Stock Exchange
Boyd Gaming
* 22 gaming & hotel facilities in 15 district markets in 8 states
* Founded by Bill Boyd in 1975
Caesars Entertainment
* 49 US properties
* 14 International properties
* 67,000+ employees
* Generates $8.58 Billion dollars in revenues in 2012
positions in Gaming Entertainment
* Hotel Operations
* Food & Beverage Operations
* Casino Operations
* Retail Operations
* Entertainment Operations
Hotel Operation in the Gaming Entertainment
*Much like the career opportunities in the full-service hotel industry, with the exception that food & beverage can be a division of its own & not part of hotel operations
food & Beverage in the Gaming Entertainment
* High-quality food & beverage service in a wide variety of styles & concepts
* Some of the best food service operations in the hospitality industry are found in gaming entertainment operations
* Many career opportunity in restaurant mgmt & the culinary arts
Casino operations in the gaming entertainment
* Gaming Operations
* casino Service
* Marketing
* Human Resources
* Finance & Administration
Retail Operation in Gaming Entertainment
* Increased emphasis on non-gaming sources of revenues in gaming entertainment business demands an expertise in all phases of retail operations
* From store design & layout to product selection, merchandising, & sales control
Entertainment Operations in Gaming Entertainment
* Creating bigger & better production shows to turn their properties into destination attraction because of the increased competition
* Career opportunities exist in stage & theater production, lighting & box office mgmt talent mgmt & booking
Career Path in the Gaming Industry
1. Croupier
2 Gain Experience at all tables
3. Section Supervisor
4. Assistant Section Mgr
5. Game Mgr
7. Floor Mgr
8. Casino Mgr
Trends in the Gaming Entertainment Industry
* Gaming entertainment is depending less on casino revenue & ore on room, food & Beverage, retail, & entertainment revenue for its profitability & growth
* The gaming entertainment industry & lodging industry are converging as hotel room inventory is rapidly expanding in gaming entreatment properties
* Gaming entertainment will continue to be scrutinized by government & public policy makers
* As the gaming entertainment industry becomes more competitive exceptional service quality will become an increasingly important competitive advantage for success
* The gaming entertainment industry will continue to provide mgmt opportunities for careers in the hospitality business