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ICT Quiz No. 13 - Search Engines


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Copyright is mainly used to protect software, people copy film and music and the copyright sign shows that if you copy this it is illegal.
They find the information and send it to the search engines, take Google they have spiders so when you click the enter sign and it comes up with results.
Search Engines
This is basicaly Google, Bing,e.c.t. and it is what you use to search the internet, it gives you all the results.
goverment based search
top level domain for commerce
UK-based commercial organisation
for organizational site
code for networks
primary source
A Document, record or written account of an event by an eyewitness to the event ''snapshot from history'' example diary, picture....
secondary source
is something like a magazine based on a primary sorce and a few steps missing
A program used to view the internet such as Internet Explorer
Search Engine
A software program you can use to find Web sites, Web pages, and Internet files.
to ask; inquire especially using "Key Words"
Uniform (or universal) resource locator, the address of a World Wide Web page.
A short desription of a website
domain name
Domain names are part of the URL. Domain name includes a suffix such as .org, .edu, .com,
- minus sign
used to exclude a word from a key word query; use - to eliminate terms.
Example: dolphins -football
any word or short phrase that describes a website topic or page
Boolean Search
Google automatically defaults the word AND between keywords
instructs the search engine to locate webpages that contain a least one of the keywords. OR broadens(widens) a search
Phrase Search
use " " to search for an entire phrase, not
individual words. Example: "American soccer teams"
Limits a search to a type of website or a top level
domain. Similar to inurl: but will not search for a sitewithin a subdirectory (anything beyond the / ). Example: "child nutrition"site:gov
Returns a list of websites linking to a specific URL.
Searches for specific filename extensions. Google searches for PowerPoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls) and Word (.doc) documents as well as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Adobe Postscript (.ps), Rich Text Format (.rtf) and more.
Example:intitle:"child nutrition" filetype:ppt
Searches for websites related or similar to a specified URL. This is a good way to retrieve categories or types of Web sites.
Example: related:www.framingham.edu
MetaCrawler is a metasearch engine that blends the top web search results from Google, Yahoo!, Bing (formerly Live Search), Ask.com,...etc.
World Wide Web
a virtual network of websites connected by hyperlinks
a hardware device that allows you to connect several computers and other devices to a single Internet connection
a computer that "serves" many different computers in a network by running specialized software and storing information
typically consists of two or more LANs
two or more connected computers sharing certain resources in a relatively small geographic location, often in the same building
a group of two or more computer systems linked together
the largest computer network in the world
A private network that serves a specific group of users with in a LAN.
Uniform Resource Locator
a user friendly name which allows users to access web-based resources.
How fast data can flow on a given transmission
Converts analogue signals to digital signals or vice versa
instructs the search engine to locate webpages that contain all keywords. AND narrows a search
instructs the search engine to eliminate webpages that contain certain keywords
AND, OR, NOT, " "
Boolean Operators