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actively making healthy decisions that improve your life

life expectancy

the number of years a person is expected to live

quality of life

how much satisfaction a person gets from life


when a person tells lies to obtain money or property


people who sell useless medical treatments

health literacy

ability to gather, understand and use health info to improve lifestyle


the study of what people eat and their habits


a unit of energy produced by food used by the body

amino acids

building blocks of protein

simple carbohydrates

the sugars that are fast acting and give short bursts of energy

complex carbohydrates

the starces that are slow acting and give long, solid burst of energy


a fatty, waxy substance found in animal products


limits starvation


a diet excluding meat


a diet excluding meat and animal products

diet pills

not tested for safety or effectivness, false!! don't help loose weight!

basal metabolic rate

amount of energy used for sleeping


a measure of energy in food


nutrients in our diet that can prevent or slow oxidation damage to the body


more body fat than healthy for the human body


excessively high amounts of body fat


a serious mental illness that causes a person to starve themselves


mental ilness that causes a person to feel empty so they binge and purge

independant drug interaction

drugs/ alcohals have no effect on eachother

antagonistic drug interaction

drugs/ alcohal effects cancel eachother out

additice drug interaction

effects of mixed drugs/ alcohals increase

synergestic drug interaction

multiplies the effects of mixed drugs- makes them far greater

drug abuse

intentionally using a drug for purposes other than its intention

drug misuse

unintentionally, inappropriate use of drug


strength of drug


when more of a drug is needed to achieve the same effect


the abnormal absense or stopping of menustration


the period from about age 12 to 19 during which a child gradually changes into an adult


the tiny structures found within cells that carry information about inherited characteristics


the process of a sperm joing with an egg


discharge of blood and other materials lasting four to seven days


the process during which one of the ovaries releases a ripened egg


the structure that holds the embryo to the wall of the uteris

umbilical cord

the cord-like structure that connects the embryo to the placenta


the female sex hormone that signals certain physical changes of puberty


the time of life during which the ovaries slow down their hormone production and no longer release mature eggs

sea section

the sergical method of birth

menstral cycle

the process during which an overy releases a mature egg that ravels to the uterus, if the egg is not fertilized, the uterine lining is shed and a new cycle begins

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