Compound Words

compound words
Compound words are 2 words put together to make a new word.
compound word meanings
When put together, they each keep their own meaning.
identify compound words
If you don't know a compound word, you can look for word parts you know.
news + paper
Paper with news in it. A compound word.
hair + cut
When someone cuts your hair shorter.A compound word.
bull + dog
A dog with a strong face like a bull. A compound word.
fox + es
More than one fox. Not a compound word.
bath + tub
A big tub you can take a bath in to get clean. A compound word.
match + es
More than one match. Not a compound word.
If a word has 2 smaller words in it,
it is a compound word.
If a word has 1 word and a word ending in it,
it is not a compound word.
I can tell this is a compound word because it has ____ small words in it.
The 2 small words in doghouse are
dog + house.
A dog is
an animal.
A house is
a place to live.
A doghouse is
a place for a dog to live.

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