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psych230 quiz 8

couples who were already engaged prior to living together have the same chance of divorce as couple who marry without living together first
all of the following are reasons "dating" on college campuses has declined EXCEPT?
there are more male students than female students
related to the overall impact on marital relationships, what type of affair has been found to have the LEAST affect?
what is true related to extramarital sexual relations in the US?
couples who live together are more likely to cheat than couples who are married
longer cohabitation has been found to be associated with higher likelihood of divorce in heterosexual couples
the number of cohabitating couples has decreased slightly over the last 10 years
will and haley are married. they and their best friends, Mark and Loren, belong to a group of 5 other couples who all engage in comarital sex. What label would be given to will and haley.
according to your text, what can the strong history of protection of heterosexual marriage in the United States be tied to?
procreative health
which group of adult children is LEAST likely to provide emotional, financial and practical help to their aging parents?
what is a typical characteristic of those who most often report being open to interracial dating?
politically liberal, younger, less religious
between 1990 and 2008, births increased in which group?
older women
current research available on cohabitation makes it difficult to determine if couples who live together and later divorce would have been just as likely to divorce had they not lived together
all of the following statements regarding arranged marriages are true EXCEPT
arranging marriages in the US is illegal
a recent study found that woman initiate 2/3 of all divorces
ten years following a divorce, who is more likely to say their divorce was the right decision
all of the following are ways that heterosexual and homosexual couples become parents EXCEPT
unintended pregnancy
according to John Gottman, what is the most important predictor of marital satisfaction for both men and women?
quality of the friendship
what statement best describes common findings related to comarital sex?
those who engage in comarital sex reported happier marriages and overall life satisfaction than those in marriages who do not participate in comarital sex
related to sexuality in dating relationship, couples who wait to have sex in a relationship:
are less likely to have an unintended pregnancy
on average, married couples in which of the following conditions report the lowest levels of marital satisfaction?
couples with two teenagers
sexual satisfaction in short-term intimate relationships is a strong predictor of how happy a couple is in the relationship but it is not a predictor of happiness in long term relationships
over the last few years, what correlation was found related to cohabitation rates and financial status?
there was an increase in cohabitation rates where one partner was unemployed
births to unmarried women are lowest aomng what group?
legal marriage offers the same rights same-sex couples as both domestic partnerships and civil unions
who is more likely to initiate a divorce?
the woman