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OTS Elder Earth Forces and Structures

OTS Elder 5th Grade Science Earth Forces and Structures Test Study Guide
Constructive Force
Forces that build new land-forms or changes by volcanic eruptions, sediment deposition, and earthquakes
Destructive Force
Forces that break up the land or destroy the land by erosion and weathering
breaking down rocks into smaller pieces by ice, water, and gases
Chemical Weathering
changes the minerals inside of the rock
Physical Weathering
breaking the rock down without changing the minerals inside the rock.
breaking down of the rocks and moving the rocks to different places, by running water, wind, sea waves, or glaciers
Sediment Deposition
rocks picked up and moved to different places by wind, water, and moving ice
Squeezes or pushes together the crust
stretches or pulls apart the crust
twists, tears, or pushes one part of the crustpast another
a crack in the earths surface
What are two types of crust?
Continental and Oceanic crust
What 3 forces cause plate movement?
Compression, Tension, and Sheer
Which layer of the Earth contains the tectonic plates
Which layer of the Earth contains hot magma that the plates float on
What is the name of the outermost layer of the Earth
What landform is created when sediment is deposited at the mouth of a river?