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20 terms

To Kill A Mockingbird Vocabulary Chapters 12-17

Before I go to sleep at night i always pick out my habiliments for the next day.
Outfits; Clothing noun
Whenever his father is mad, he shouts and yells indignantly.
Angrily adv
It becomes innate to her whenever she is in front of the class reciting.
Of or produces by the mind rather than learned through experience adj
She became austere when she saw the police in front of her house.
*I envy those who are tactful; those who are honest without being offensive.
To be able to say the right thing without being offensive adj
As soon as his parents surprised him with his birthday gift, his expression was devoid of disappointment.
Completely without adj
Her curtness has always hurt me; especially when she is not intentionally making rude comments.
To be brief and short to the point of being rude noun
Her face was very taut as if two people were playing tug of war with her face.
Tightly Stretched adj
Kids now a days always think they are infallible because of their ignorant minds.
Never wrong adj
He began to begrudge the boys in front of the classroom even more when they make fun of his sister.
To feel resentment or disapproval about the fact that they have something verb
His mother caught him while he was trying to sneak away a cookie but stopped as soon as he saw her giving an ominous look.
Threatening; Sinister adj
I tried to but couldnt stifle my laughter when the class clown made a comment about the teacher.
Hold back; Suppress verb
After about a week or so of pain in her ankle, she realized it was an affliction that needed to be checked by the doctor.
A condition noun
The teacher was trying to but couldnt be succinct about her directions. So everyone in class had failed the lab.
Clear and brief adj
I mop in futility as I saw my test grade;No matter how much I studied I was hopeless.
Feeling of being ineffective; uselessness, hopessness
His uncouth behavior of eating with his mouth open annoys me as anything!
Crude, unmannerly adj
The teacher went further tho elucidate the lesson in more detail.
Explain verb
During the holiday time students want to dispel from their schools as soon as possible.
Drive away verb
She was always acrimonious to those she didn't like.
Sarcastic; Bitter; Nasty adj
He stared back at her complacently after what he thought was an excellent explanation as if he had already won.
In a self-satisfied way adv