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A 6-year-old child with a mental age of 6 would have a ratio IQ of

She will only read the editorials that she agrees with.

Maria is extremely active in politics. She has strong conservative beliefs about what is correct and what is not. Each day when she reads the newspaper, she pays close attention to the editorial section in particular. According to confirmation bias, what will she do when she reads them?


Which of the following is NOT a descriptor of creative thinkers?

A. highly intelligent C. superior or talented. Both A and C are correct

Gifted children are


Which of Gardner's intelligences would be LEAST important for a car salesperson?


________ is a characteristic of good problem solvers.


Giftedness is indicated by an IQ score higher than 120.


Intelligence refers to the ability to solve problems rapidly.


According to the American Psychological Association, by late adolescence the heritability of intelligence is about ________ percent.

people's perceptions are independent of the words they know

Critics of the work of Benjamin Whorf maintain that


What type of thinking is required when trying to determine who you should hire from a stack of fifty resumes?

deductive; inductive

Top down processing is to ________ reasoning as bottom up processing is to ________ reasoning

Todd has to complete a science fair project

Who would benefit the most from making subgoals?

- Sam should evaluate his employee policies
-Sam should call a meeting with all his employees and explain the problem to them

Sam manages a fast-food restaurant. He is frustrated because employees often call in sick at the last minute before they are supposed to start their shift. Given that Sam recognizes this problem, what should he do next


A high school football coach decides to use the time taken to run up 100 stairs as a test for running endurance. He tests every team member on three consecutive days and finds that the times for each person are very much the same on all three trials. His test for endurance appears to have good


Reliability is the extent to which a test measures what it is intended to measure

relies on the opinion of more experienced others

Which of the following does NOT describe a critical thinker


Different cultures define intelligence in different ways.

find and frame the problem

Levi Hutchins, a young clockmaker, resolved to rise at 4 A.M. every morning. This resolution motivated Hutchins to invent the alarm clock. The most likely first step in solving the problem of waking up early was for Hutchins to

NOT: algorithms.

If Professor Wagner were to build a robot that functions using only automatic processes, we would expect it to make decisions using

the usher at the movie theater

Who is LEAST likely to exhibit mindfulness as part of their regular job responsibilities


If Sammy scores nearly the same every time he takes a test, we know for sure that the test is

NOT: look in the last place he remembers seeing them

Ivan has misplaced his keys. If he decides to use an algorithmic approach to find them, he will


According to deductive reasoning, if a theory is true, then the hypothesis will be true as well.


Being receptive to other ways of looking at things is best described as

parallel premise

Identify the components of deductive reasoning as presented in the Instructor Notes

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