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ch 9 Human Development

Dr. Mason's main research interest is the long term effects of child-rearing practices on the psychological adjustment of offspring. It is most likely that Dr. Mason is a ________
Professor Yen is curious about how rapidly reading skills development from age five to ten. If he only has a limited amount of time to research this question, which research design should he utilize?
The nature side of the nature vs. nurture debate refers to
The nurture side of the nature vs. nurture debate refers to
The ability to overcome hardship during childhood again and again is referred to as
zygote and finally develops into a fetus.
During the course of successful prenatal development, a human organism begins as a(n
below-average intelligence
The symptoms of FASD are most likely to include
elbow extension
Which of the following is NOT an infant reflex
The ability to multiply two numbers together falls under ________ development.
adjusting current schemas in order to make sense of new experiences.
According to Piaget, accommodation refers to
In which stage of Piaget's theory of cognitive development does a child coordinate sensations with movements?
You give your younger brother Joe a big cookie. He accidently drops it and it breaks into many smaller parts. Suddenly he gets very excited and says, "Joe look how many cookies I have now!" He is most likely in which developmental stage?
recognize that the quantity of a substance remains the same despite changes in its shape
If children cannot grasp the concept of conservation, they are unable to
preoperational; concrete operational
A teacher shows a first grade student a map and tells her, "You live here, in
Atlanta, Georgia." The child emphatically disagrees, declaring, "No, I live in Atlanta. I can't live in Georgia too, 'cause I can't live in two places at the same time!" This child is likely in Piaget's ________ stage of development, and has not yet arrived in Piaget's ________ stage.
An adolescent who hypothesizes and speaks in terms of possibilities may well be functioning in the ________ stage of cognitive development.
formal operational
Jason is working on a problem for his science class and is systematically going over every possible outcome. Jason is in the ________ stage of cognitive development
All of these.
is an interpersonal process.
happens in a cultural context.
is facilitated by the process of scaffolding.
Lev Vygotsky recognized that cognitive development
contact comfort is more important than feeding in the attachment process.
The work of Harry and Margaret Harlow established that
Kohlberg's approach is a justice perspective while Gilligan's is a care perspective
Larry and Carol are tested twice on moral reasoning. When Kohlberg's measures are used, Carol gets a lower score than Larry. When Gilligan's approach is used, both individuals score at the same level - Stage 6. Based on research reported in your text, what probably caused this discrepancy?
The main class of male sex hormones is
NOT: identity exploration
According to Jeffrey Arnett, if Melanie is working full-time, going to college, and still living at home which stage of emerging adulthood is she engaged in?
NOT: experience hot flashes
Kristina is going through menopause. Based on research, she should expect to
intimacy vs. isolation.
Erikson described early adulthood as a period during which the person is building a network of social relationships and making close contact with potential mates. The crisis experience at this time is known as
She will form meaningful relationships, or will become socially separate from others
Annie is a 20-year-old who is in Erikson's stage of intimacy vs. isolation. What are the possible outcomes of her resolution of the crisis that typifies this stage?
socioemotional selectivity theory
Which of the following theories was developed to address the narrowing of social contacts and the increase in positive emotion that occur with age