Chapter 8 World History

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Line of Demarcation
This was the line drawn by Pope Alexander VI in 1493 that gave Portugal everything east of the line, and Spain everything west of the line
Treaty of Tordesillas
1494 Treaty in which Spain and Portugal agreed to move the original Line of Demarcation about 600 miles farther west (eventually giving Portugal access to Brazil)
People of pure Spanish or Portugal decent born in the Americas
mother country
European country who is in charge of a colony
Goods being taken out of the colonies
Goods being brought into the colonies
The title given to nobles in the New World by Portugal and guaranteed that their rule would be hereditary (passed on to their children). They had total control of the land
A governor appointed by the Spanish king in the new world that would exercise authority in place of the king
Spaniards born in Spain
people with Indian and Spanish parents
Old World
Europe, Asia and Africa
New World
The Americas
Jacques Cartier
French explorer sent to find riches and route to China
Samuel de Champlain
Major French explorer, discovered Lake Ontario, Huron, and Champlain
John Smith
Helped establish Jamestown, which was the first permanent English settlement in North America.
cash crops
Crops that could be sold for cash or supplies
Group who founded Plymouth colony in 1620
They settled Massachusetts Bay (1630)
established church
A church recognized and supported by the colony's government
Simon Bolivar
He pushed the Spaniards out of Venezuela and Columbia, and was a leader of revolt of South American colonies against Spanish rule
Jose de San Martin
South American general born in Argentina: won independence for Argentina, Chile, and Peru
Antonio Jose de Sucre
Bolivar's faithful general who went on to free Ecuador from Spanish rule
Cowboys in Argentina who became troops for San Martin
Pedro I
Son and successor of King Joao in Brazil who became emperor of independent Brazil.

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