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Jane Eyre


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What month does the novel begin?
Where was Jane hiding when John was looking for her and calling her?
Drawing Room
Who was referred to as a "bad animal"?
Jane Eyre
How was Jane punished for attacking John?
She was locked in the red room
Who died in the red room?
Mr. Reed
What is the name of the apothecary?
Mr. Lloyd
What suggestion does the apothecary make to help Jane's situation?
Go to school
What has happened to Jane's parents?
Her parents had died from illness (this illness was typhus)
What are the names of Mrs. Reed's two daughters?
Eliza and Georgiana
At this point, which of the two servants treats Jane with kindness?
Who comes to visit Gateshead Hall and interrogates Jane?
Mr. Brocklehurst
Where does Mr. Brocklehurst work and what is his position?
Lowood Institution, He is the head of Lowood Institution
What does Mrs. Reed tell Mr. Brocklehurst about Jane that upsets Jane?
Jane is deceitful
What two people have shown concern for Jane's well-being at this point in the novel?
Bessie/Mr. Lloyd
How far is it from Gateshead to Lowood?
50 miles
Who bid Jane farewell as she departs Gateshead?
Who is the Superintendent Of Lowood Institution?
Miss Temple
Who is the girl with the hollow cough that befriends Jane?
List two of the unpleasant conditions at Lowood?
It is cold inside and there is also bad food
When the porridge at breakfast is burned, what does Miss Temple do that shocks all the teachers?
She orders bread/cheese for lunch
Who is Naomi Brocklehurst?
Mr. Brocklehurst's Mother
Why did Helen not clean her nails?
The water was frozen
How far did the girls have to walk to church on a Sunday morning?
2 miles
Who offered encouragement to the girls on their long walk home late on Sunday afternoon?
Miss Temple
What was the name of the church the girls attended on Sunday?
Brocklebridge Church
What did Jane do that attracted the attention of Mr. Brocklehurst when he visited the school?
She dropped her slate and it crashed on the floor
What does Helen feel Jane is too concerned about-in other words, what Jane would rather die than live without?
Love Of Humans
Who took Jane and Helen to her room for tea and cake?
Miss Temple
What is the name of the woman who works in the kitchen and is made up of equal parts of whalebone and iron?
Miss Harden
What concerns does Miss Temple have for Helen Burns?
Her coughing
Whom did Miss Temple write to in order to clear Jane's name regarding the accusation made by Mr. Brocklehurst?
Mr. Lloyd
Who is the housekeeper-manager of Thornfield?
Mr. Rochester
Who is Jane's pupil
Adela Varens
What country did her pupil live in before coming to Thornfield?
Who is the woman who lives on the third floor with the strange preternatural laugh?
Grace Poole
Whom does Jane meet in Hay Lane when she goes to mail a letter?
Mr. Rochester
What happens to Mr. Brocklehurst in Hay Lane (night)?
He falls off his horse
What is the name of Mr. Brocklehurst's dog?
What is the name of the town that is six miles from Thornfield where Jane is met by John, the coachman?
Who is the nurse that takes care of Jane's pupil?
Who is the surgeon who came to treat the master of the house upon his return?
Mr. Carter
What two colors does Jane predominately wear?
Black And Grey
Who gave Jane a pearl ornament as a parting gift?
Miss Temple
What is Mr. Edward Rochester's brothers name?
Rowland Rochester
How much does Jane get paid a year as Adele's governess?
30 Pounds
What is the name of Adele's mother?
Celine Varens
What relationship does she have with Edward Rochester?
Edward liked her and she cheated on Mr. Rochester and she was his mistress
What is the occupation of Adele's mother?
French opera-dancer
Who saved Edward Rochester's life?
Jane Eyre
Who does Jane think set Edward Rochester's bed on fire?
Grace Poole
What two characters does Jane draw a portrait of at the end of chapter 16?
Herself/Blanche Ingram
Who is Jane Eyre?
The narrator of the story who also comes from the Eyre family
Who is Bessie?
The nurse (Gateshead)
Who is Mrs. Reed?
She was Jane's Aunt and the mother of Eliza, Georgiana, and John
Who is Eliza Reed?
The child of John Reed and Aunt Reed or (Mrs. Reed)
Who is Georgiana Reed?
The child of John Reed and Aunt Reed or (Mrs. Reed)
Who is John Reed?
The child of John Reed and Aunt Reed or (Mrs. Reed)
Who is Abbot?
Mrs. Reed's Maid
Who is the protagonist in the story?
Jane Eyre
Who are the antagonists?
Aunt Reed (Mrs. Reed)/John Reed
Who is Miss Miller?
The under teacher
Who is Miss Smith?
The sewing teacher with red cheeks
Who is Miss Temple?
Superintendent Of Lowood
Who is Miss Scatcherd?
Little teacher with black hair/teaches history and grammar/second class repetitions/beat Helen Burns with a bunch of twigs
Who is Madame Pierrot?
French teacher who wears a shawl and a pocket handkerchief which is tied to her side with a yellow riband
Who is Helen Burns?
The girl with whom Jane talks/the girl with the hollow cough
Who comes to see Jane as the chapter begins and what does he want her to do?
Mr. Robert Leaven comes to see her and he wants her to come to Gateshead and see Mrs. Reed
Whom is Mr. Robert Leaven married to?
Bessie Leaven
What has happened to John Reed?
He has died
How has John Reed died?
He killed himself
What has happened to Mrs. Reed (early in the chapter?)
She gets very sick
What two wrongs has Mrs. Reed done to Jane?
She didn't treat her as her own child "She didn't follow the promise" and She didn't show Jane the letter from her relative "John Eyre"
Mrs. Reed gives Jane a letter from whom?
her relative who was passing through to go to Madeira by the name of John Eyre
What happens to Mrs. Reed at the end of chapter 21?
She dies
What becomes of Georgiana Reed?
She goes to London
What becomes of Eliza Reed?
She is going to a nunnery, to become a religious nun.
How long is Jane gone from Thornfield when she returns to find Mr. Rochester sitting on a stile?
1 Month
The coach stopped and let Jane off at?
Jane wanders into a village and finds her way to the parsonage but find out that the parson is at___because of the death of his___?
Marsh End/Father
What springs up in front of Jane that leads her to the house where she is eventually taken in?
What does Jane tell these people her name is?
Jane Elliott
Give me the names of the three people that offer Jane a place to stay?
Diana Rivers, Mary Rivers, St. John Rivers
Who is the housekeeper that befriends Jane when she finally wakes up?
How long has this housekeeper worked for this family?
30 Years
How many nights did Jane sleep in the open air before the family took her in?
What did the person promise to aid Jane in getting?
Who is Mesrour?
Mr. Rochester's Horse
Where did Mr. Rochester move after Thornfield burned down?
Ferndean Manor
Who is staying with Mr. Rochester at Ferndean Manor?
John And Mary
Who is Diana's husband?
Captain Fitzjames
Who is Mary's husband?
Mr. Wharton
Why did Adele switch schools?
The rules were too strict at her first school
Why does Jane not become her governess again?
She has to take care of Mr. Edward Rochester
At the end of the story, how long has Jane been married?
10 years
What is Jane wearing when Mr. Rochester starts to regain sight in one of his eyes?
Pale blue dress and a gold watch chain
What is an oculist?
Eye Doctor
What did Jane and Mr. Rochester's first born have?
Mr. Rochester's large brilliant and black eyes
What did Jane hear in the middle of the night when she was at Marsh End with St. John?
"Jane Jane Jane" (Ex. Divine Intervention)
What is the name of the inn at Thornfield?
Rochester Arms
What is the name of the inn at Millcote?
George Inn