Wordly Wise Book 3 Lesson 8

14 terms by zzdxnr

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V. to change food after has been eaten into simpler forms that the body can use.


N. something that a person does so soften that it is done without thinking.


V. to count on ; to look to for support.


N. the backbone.


N. a thin, sharp, stiff part that sticks out on certain plants and animals


V to hold; to have within itself


N. a jar, box, or other object used for holding something


ADJ. hard to please; fussy


N. a joint on a lid or door that allows it to swing open or shut


ADJ. soft and moist underfoot


ADJ. rustworthy; not likely to fail


V. to do well; to grow strong and healthy


N. a special kind of clothing worn by certain groups


N. a low-lying area, often covered with tall grasses, where the ground is soft and wet.

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