Chapter 57--Management of Patients with Female Reproductive Disorders

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endocervicitisinflammation of the mucosa and the glands of the cervixendometriosis-endometrial tissue in abnormal locations -causes pain with menstruation, scarring, and possible infertilityenterocelea protrusion of the intestinal wall into the vaginafibroid tumorusually benign tumor arising from the muscle tissue of the uterusfistula-abnormal opening between 2 organs or siteshyphaelong, branching filamentous structures characteristic of fungi such as Candida seen under microscopic examinationhysterectomysurgical removal of the uteruslichen sclerosisbenign disorder of the vulvaliposomal therapychemotherapy delivered in a liposome, a nontoxic drug carrierloop electrocautery excision procedure (LEEP)procedure in which a laser is used to remove a thin layer of cervical tissue after abnormal biopsy findingsmucoprurulent cervicitis-inflammation of the cervix with exudate - almost always r/t a chlamydial infectionmyomectomysurgical removal of uterine fibroidsoophorectomysurgical removal of an ovarypelvic exenterationmajor surgical procedure in which the pelvic organs are removedpelvic inflammatory disease (PID)inflammatory condition of the pelvic caivty, usually from a STIPCOS (polcystic ovary syndrome)complext endocrine condition resulting in chronic anovulation, anrogen excess, an multiple ovarian cystsrectocelebulging of the rectum into the vaginasalpingitisinflammation of the fallopian tubesalpingo-oophorectomyremoval of the ovary and its fallopian tubevaginitisinflammation of the vagina, usually secondary to infectionvestibilitisinflammation of the vulvar vestibulevestibulodyniamost common type of vulvodynia, characterized by sharp pain in response to pressure applied ot the vestibular area of the vulvavulvar dystrophy-thickening or lesion of the vulva -usually causes itching and may require biopsy to exclude malignancyvulvectomyremoval of the tissue of the vulvavulvitisinflammation of the vulva, usually secondary to infection or irritaitonvulvodyniapainful condition that affects the vulva