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  1. symphyses
  2. hinge
  3. facet
  4. ball and socket
  5. pubic symphysis
  1. a a smooth surface for articulation
  2. b movement in one plane
  3. c slight "give"
  4. d move in many axes with common center
  5. e fibrous cartilage between bone

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  1. farher from the head
  2. a large, blunt or rounded process
  3. gliding
  4. no movement in part: slight gliding movement
  5. a roughened bony prominence usually serving as the site of attachment

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  1. transverse planea vertical plane parallel to the median plane


  2. synarthrosesnamed on basis of movement


  3. hipfarther from the surface


  4. mediana vertical plane that divides the body into the right and left halves


  5. promixalnearest the oint origin. If used with extremities, closer to the attachment. If used with an organ closer to the organ