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  1. anterior
  2. fossa
  3. amphiarthroses
  4. distal
  5. hinge
  1. a synchondroses hyaline cartilage between bone
  2. b front
  3. c farthest from the point of orign
  4. d a saucer like depression
  5. e movement in one plane

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  1. suture held tightly with little fiber
  2. a prominent border that may be rough
  3. a roughened bony prominence usually serving as the site of attachment
  4. nearest the oint origin. If used with extremities, closer to the attachment. If used with an organ closer to the organ
  5. two directions of movement

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  1. tuberositya large, blunt or rounded process


  2. posteriorfront


  3. faceta smooth surface for articulation


  4. tuberclea small, blunt or rounded process


  5. syndesmosisslightly longer fibers