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  1. crest
  2. pubic symphysis
  3. promixal
  4. transverse plane
  5. condyle
  1. a a smooth structure, either concave or convex, joined directly to the shaft of a long bone
  2. b a prominent border that may be rough
  3. c slight "give"
  4. d nearest the oint origin. If used with extremities, closer to the attachment. If used with an organ closer to the organ
  5. e a horizontal plane at right angles to both the median and frontal planes. It cuts the body into superior and inferior portions

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  1. flexion, exetion, abduction, adduction, circumduction, and rotation
  2. fexion, extention, slight rotation
  3. farther from the surface
  4. movement in two planes
  5. a smooth surface for articulation

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  1. syndesmosisslightly longer fibers


  2. superficialnearer to the head


  3. amphiarthrosesnamed on basis of movement


  4. anteriorfront


  5. tuberositya small, blunt or rounded process