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  1. transverse plane
  2. inferior
  3. sacroiliac
  4. proxmal ends of tibia and fibula
  5. knee (between the femur and tibia)
  1. a a horizontal plane at right angles to both the median and frontal planes. It cuts the body into superior and inferior portions
  2. b fexion, extention, slight rotation
  3. c no movement in part: slight gliding movement
  4. d gliding
  5. e farher from the head

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  1. flexion, exetion, abduction, adduction, circumduction, and rotation
  2. two directions of movement
  3. a saucer like depression
  4. named on basis of movement
  5. a relatively large blunt type of process found only on the femur

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  1. ball and socketa vertical plane parallel to the median plane


  2. cresta prominent border that may be rough


  3. condylea smooth structure, either concave or convex, joined directly to the shaft of a long bone


  4. tuberositya large, blunt or rounded process


  5. lateralfarther from the mid-plane of the body