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  1. fossa
  2. condyloid
  3. anterior
  4. diarthroses
  5. medial
  1. a nearer the mid-plane of the body
  2. b named on basis of movement
  3. c a saucer like depression
  4. d two directions of movement
  5. e front

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  1. a smooth surface for articulation
  2. movement in two planes
  3. farher from the head
  4. back
  5. a vertical plane parallel to the median plane

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  1. processa prominent border that may be rough


  2. pivotmovement around a single axis


  3. anatomic positionthe body is standing erect, face towards observr, wih feet togeter and parallel, the arms at the sides and palms directly foward


  4. coronal (frontal) planea vertical plane at the right angles to both the median plane. It divide the body into anterior and posterior


  5. tuberositya large, blunt or rounded process


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