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GCSE Challenge of Natural hazards


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A sudden or violent movement within the Earth's crust followed by a series of shocks.
Hazard risk
The probability or chance that a natural hazard may take place.
An opening in the Earth's crust from which lava, ash and gases erupt.
Natural Hazard
A natural event (for example earthquake, volcanic eruption, tropical storm, flood) that threatens people or has the potential to cause damage, destruction and death
Geomorphological Hazard
A hazard caused by processes which occur on the surface of the earth (or ocean): eg floods and landslides.
Atmospheric hazards
Associated with severe atmospheric conditions e.g. heatwaves, tornadoes, storms. Climate change is said to increase the severity of many of these.
Tectonic hazards
Threats posed by earthquakes, volcanoes and other events triggered by crustal processes
Biological hazards
Viruses, bacteria, & other organisms in the environment that harm humans