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List factors influencing states of matter

gas laws.Pressue, volume, temperature
Boyles, Charles, Gay Lussac, and Dalton

What is melting point?

When a solid turns into a liquid

What is boiling point?

When a liguid turns into a gas
(212 F, 100 C, 373 K)

What is sublimation?

Solid skips the liquid phase and go into the a gas stage

What is evaporation

Liquid goes to a gas

What is Water Vapor

a measure of forces exerted when molecules hit surface and escape (true humidity)

What is Critical Pressure

The pressure need ti change a gas to liquid
(H2O-218 atm CP)

What is critical temperature

Gas that cannot be change back into a liquid
For Oxygen:
-118.8 C
-181 F
49.7 Atm

Describe how gas pressures are measured

You measure the tension and pressure that exerts
Force/Unit Area= Pressure (Pascal) Increase altitudes decrease pressure (Barometer)

Describe what effects gas pressures:
Daltons Law

P1+P2+P3=(Total Pressure)Pt

List the component gases in the atm


what color is oxgyen tank in US?

Green Cylinder (white international)

What are some characteristics of Oxygen?

no color, odorless, no taste
Slightly paramagnetic
Supports combustion

What color is nitrogen tank and characteristics?

Tank Color is Black
No odor, no color, no taste
Will no burn or support combustion
inert in the lungs
can be used for powering surgical instruments

What color is CO2 and characteristics

tank color is gray
Pungent odor
tastes like vinegar
will not burn
used for respiratory stimulant, vasodilator

What color is helium and characteristics

tank color is brown
will not burn or support combustion
Used for: pulmonary fuction test
and to deliver inhaled drugs

What color tank is air and some characteristics

No color, taste, odorless
supports combustion (has 21% O2)

What color tank is Helium/Oxygen and characteristics

brown/green - 80/20
No color, taste, odor
supports combustion because of the O2

What color tank is Ethylene


What is the medical gas used for dental work (laughing gas) and what color is the tank and characteristics

nitrous oxide
Color tank: light blue
sweetish taster
supports combustion
analgestic agent (relieve pain)

What color tank is cycloproprane


What is boyles law and what type of relationship does it have

Inverse relationship
example: Breathing

What type of relationship is Daltons Law

Direct relationship

What is Guy-Lussac Law and what type of relationship

Direct relationship
Example: Liquid oxygen turning into a gas-passive pressure , boiling water with a lid

What is Charles Law and what type of relationship

Direect relationship
Example: hot air balloon

What is ficks law of diffusion?

A- surface area
D- contants of diffusion
P1-P2: pressure gradient
T- membrane thickness

how does gas flow?

From high pressure to low pressure

What is the Alveolar Air Equation?

PAO2=(PB-PH2O) x FiO2) - (PCO2 x 1.25)

What is the formula to convert F to C

F(9/5 x C) + 32
Rule of thumb F should always be bigger than C

What is the formula to convert K to C


What is the formula to convert C to F

C=5/9 (F-32)

What factors affect diffusion and give an example of each

membrane thickness-fluid/mucus
Surface area-atelectasis
pressure gradient- BP

What does it mean when an object has potential energy

energy position or stored energy

What is kinetic energy

energy of motion.

What medical gas are non-flammable

Carbon Dioxide

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