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09-10 Boating Test

Base (bottom)
At which part of a fire should you aim when using a fire extinguisher?
those 12 years of age or younger
In Kansas, children of what age are required to wear a PFD at all times while on board or being towed by a vessel?
Much greater effect when on land
How does the effect of alcohol consumed while boating comopare to the effect on land?
human error
What is the cause of most boating accidents?
to provide assistance
What is the first action required of a boat operator who witnesses a boating accident?
passenger's body weight and chest size
What is most important when selecting the right PFD for a passenger?
Remove any plants or animals you see on your vessel before leaving the area
How can you prevent transporting nuisance species (plants or animals) with your vessel from one waterway to another?
float plan for your trip
Which of these should you leave with a friend or relative before taking an extended outing on the water?
the operators of both vessels
When two vessels are operating in the same general area, who is responsible for avoiding a collision?
You are overtaking another vessel or it is anchored
When boating at night, what does a single white light on a vessel tell you?
base of the dam
What part of a low-head dam poses the greatest hazard from a strong, recirculating current or boil?
12 years of age
In Kansas, what is the minimum age to legally operate a motorboat or personal watercraft unaccompanied?
at least 200 feet
According to Kansas law, how far must a vessel stay from a marked swimming area?
when immersed in cold water
Under which condition is a person at the greatest risk of developing hypothermia?
Try to reboard your boat, even it is swamped
What should you do if you fall overboard into cold water?
Seek medical help immediately
How do you treat a victim of cold water immersion or hypothermia?
What is the front of the boat called?
What is the back of the boat called?
What is the left side of the boat called?
What is the right side of the boat called?
When paddling a canoe at night, you should carry which piece of equipment to help avoid a collision?
The end of the paddle that you hold onto
The middle part of the handle of the paddle
Where the paddle's handle ends and the paddle gets wider
The wide part of the paddle that goes in the water
The bottom edge of the wide part of the paddle
One of the bars that goes across the canoe
The side edge of the canoe
The middle bar across the canoe
The center of the bottom of the canoe