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inflammation of endocardium (inner layer of heart)

subacute bacterial endocarditis

alpha hemolytic streptococci from mouth. develops slowly.
characterized by fever, weakness and heart murmur

acute bacterial endocarditis

staph aureus from mouth, bacteria find way to normal/abnormal heart valves, fatal in days


caused by streptococci, inflammation of sac around heart.

syndenhams chorea is associated with what bacterial infection of heart

rheumatic fever

rheumatic fever is caused by

autoimmune complication of stept. pyogenes infections

where does tularemia reproduce

in phagocytes

which bacterial diseases of the heart are gram -


which bacterial diseases of the heart are gram +

gas gangrene

brucelosis (Undulant fever) caused by

brucella strep pyogenes

three important species of brucelosis

B. abortus (cows, bison, elk)
B. suin (swine)
b. melitensis (goats, sheep and camels) most common in human diseases

where does brucellosis grow

in phagocytes

anthrax causative agent

bacillus anthracis

anthrax can be found in


what are routinely vaccinated from anthrax


primary virulence factors of B. anthracis are two EXOTOXINS, what are they

edema toxin
lethal toxin

anthrax is treated with

ciprofloxacin (also for uti)

how many forms of anthrax affect humans

cutaneous 20%mortality
gastrointestinal 50% mortality
inhalation 100% mortality


loss of blood flow to tissue becomes anaerobic


tissue death


death of soft tissue, from loss of blood supply to region

gas gangrene

is from an infection

cause of gas gangrene

clostridium perfringes

where does gas gangrene grow

in necrotic tissue

treatment for gas gangrene

surgical removal of dead skin or us of hyperbaric chamber

which bacterial infections of the heart are endospore forming

gangrene and anthrax

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