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a group of songs or pieces of music on a record, cd, etc.
a piece of equipment on a television, car, roof, etc. for receiving or sending television or radio signals
a professional performer, especially in music, dance, or the theater
someone who travels and works in a spacecraft
to refuse to buy something, use something, or take part in something as a way of protesting about a situation, action, etc.
a catchy phrase or song is easy to remember and nice to listen to
channel (noun)
a particular television station and all the programs broadcast by it
contemporary (adj)
belonging to the present time modern
disc jockey (DJ)
A disc jockey (abbreviated DJ, D.J. or deejay) is a person who mixes recorded music as it is playing.
an exciting and unusual situation or set of events
a television or radio program that is one of a series of programs telling one story
a plan, idea, or method that is feasible is possible and is likely to work
folk music
traditional music that has been played by the ordinary people in a particular area for a long time
an organization, meeting, report, etc. in which people have a chance to publicly discuss an important subject
to be the leader or main representative of a particular group
a group consisting of all the people in a society who are about the same age
a prize given in the U.S. every year to the best song, the best singer, etc. in the music industry
someone who plays a musical instrument that has six or twelve strings, a long neck, and a wooden body, which is played by strumming or plucking on the strings with your fingers or a pick
hit (noun)
something such as a movie, song, play, activity, etc. that is extremely popular or successful
launch (verb)
to make a new product, book, etc. available for sale for the first time
lead (adj)
the first or most important person in a group
network (noun)
a group of radio or television stations, which broadcast many of the same programs in different parts of the country
pop music
modern music that is popular with young people and usually consists of simple tunes with a strong beat
informal a short movie that advertises an event or product
a type of loud violent music popular in the late 1970s and the 1980s
reality TV
television shows that do not have a script and that follow real people, rather than people who are acting, as they take part in actual situations, competitions, etc.
rock (noun)
a type of popular modern music with a strong loud beat, played using guitars and drums
scanty clothes do not cover very much of your body
a company, etc. that belongs to the same group or organization
solo (adj)
relating to a singer or musician who plays alone, rather than as part of a band
someone who sings popular songs, especially with a band

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