Spanish Culture/Geography Questions

When did Spaniards arrive in Mexico?
Late 15th and early 16th centuries
During What centuries did Los Reyes Católicos rule?
Of what country was Panamá formely part of?
The Spanish Inquisition
What is the name of the institution that persecuted Jews & Muslims in Spain?
In what year did the last Spanish Civil War begin?
At what port did Cortés arrive?
Colombia,Venezuela, Perú, Ecuador & Bolivia
Simòn Bolivar fought for the independence of which five countries?
Desfile Puertorriqueño
What parade has taken place in New York every year since 1951?
Hernán Cortés
Who set fire on his ships after promiing never to return to Spain?
When did the French defeat the Mexican army?
They were a part of Mexico
Why do so many southwestern cities in the U.S. have spanish names like Amarillo, El Paso, San Diego?
Francisco Franco
Who was the general who was the dictator in Spain after the Civil War?
Which Carthaginian general used Spain as a base to attack the Romans?
What was Juan Peròn's first wife's name?
the pyramids of the Sun and Moon
What landmarks can you see in Teotihuacán?
The Basques
What Spanish group of people is believed to be descended from the ancient Iberians?
Pancho Villa
Who led the northern revolution troops in the Mexican Civil War?
When did Spanish join the European Union?
The 11th century
When were the murallas (walls) of Avila in Spain built?
When was the dictorship of Porfirio Díaz?
May 5th
When do Mexicans celebrate the anniveersery pf the battle of Puebla?
Arwaks and Caribes
What were the two Indian tribes that Columvus and the other explorers encountered in the Carribean Islands?
Juan Ponce de León
What famous explorer founded San Juan?
The 8th century
In what century did the Moors take over southern Spain?
Puerto Rico
What was the original name of the city of San Juan?
Sebastián de Belacázar
What Spanish conquister founded Cali, Colombia?
Paso de la forma
What main avenue in Mexico was built by Maximilian?
What city was founded in 1706 in New Mexico as a Spanish faming community?
The 17th century
What century life style is shown in las Meninas?
More than 50%
What percentage of its territory did Mexico lose after the Mexican-American War?
Porfirio Díaz
Who was the president od Mexico during the revolution of 1910?
What was the name of the white skinned Aztec god?
San Martin
What famous Argentinian general fought for the independence in South America?
September 15th and 16th
What are the dates of both Mexican Independence Days?
The eagle and serpent
What two animals appear on the Mexican Flag?
The King Juan Carlos I
Who ruled Spain after the death of Franco?
When did Francisco Pizarro arrive in Péru?
Lázaro Cárdenas
What Mexican president nationalized the oil industry?
Felipe V
Who fonded the Borbón dynasty in Spain?
Felipe II
Which king had the Escorial built?
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
What treaty was sighned by the United Stated and Mexico after the Mexican American-War?
Hernán Cortés
What sickly child grew up to be conqueror of Mexico?
Juan "la Loca"
Who was the daughter of king Fernando and queen Isabel?
What ancient trive of Mexico carved large stone heads?
Mexico City
Where was the first book printed in the Western hemisphere?
The XII century
When was the University of Salamanca founded?
Between the years of 300 and 650
When were the pyramids and temples of the Aztecs built?
Another civil war started
What happened in Mexico after the Batalla de Cisteros?
executed by a firing squad
How did Maximilian die?
Which Indian tribe in Mexico had Tula as their capital?
the Dominican Republic
What country was founded by Juan Pablo Duarte in 1844?
Juan Diego
What was the name of the Mexican Indian who saw the Virgin?
What country destroyed the Spanish Armada?
When did Belize win its independence?
Vicente Fox
Who was the president of Mexico by year 2002?
Huracán (hurricane) Mitch
What natural disaster destroyed a vast part of Central America in 1998?
When was Panama Canal inaugarated?
When was the Nuevo Peso created in Mexico?
Benito Juárez
What Mexican president was a Zapotec Indian?
Los Reyes Católicos Fernando e Isabel
Who were the rulers who managed to expel the Moors from Spain?
For which king did Columbus claim the New World?
the Moors
What group of people were the first to use arches in architecture?
La Niña. la Pinta, and la Santa María
Name Columbus' three ships.
What was Maximilian's nationality?
Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippenes
In the Spanish American war, Spain lot which three countries?
in Santa María, Colombia
Where did Símon Bolivar die?
around 1043
When was El Cid Campeador national Spanish hero born?
When was the Tratado de Libre Comercio of Mexico, Canada, and the United States signed?
Muslims converted to Christianity
Who were Spain's moriscos?
Francisco Pizarro
Which Spanish explorer conquered the Incan Empire?
before Colombus' arrival in the New World
What does "pre-Columbian" mean?
the Mayans
Tikal is the ancient city built by what group of people?
the 19th centutry
During what century was the Mexican-American War?
an Indian tribe in Mexico
Who were the Olmecs?
Guatemala City
What city in Central America was leveled by an earthquake in 1773?
in 1917
In what year did Puerto Ricans become citizens of the United States?
When was the metro of Mexico inaugarated?
When did Ernesto Zedillo take office?
Miguel Hidalgo
What revolutionary leader promoted the Mexican silk industry?
What is the capital of Venezuela?
What is the capital of Peru?
Where is the singer, Celia Cruz, from?
What is the capital of Chile?
Buenos Aires
What is the capital of Argentina?
What is the capital of Spain?
Santo Domingo
What is the capital of Dominican Republic?
San José
What is the capital of Costa Rica?
San Salvador
What is the capital of El Salvador?
What is the capital of Equatorial Guinea?
Mexico City
What is the capital of Mexico?
What is the capital of Ecuador?
What is the capital of Cuba?
What is the capital of Uruguay?
What is the capital of Paraguay?
La Paz
What is the capital of Bolivia?
Gabriel García Márquez
Who is the author of the book, One Hundred Years of Solitude?
Paco de Lucía
What is the name of the Spanish guitarist known for combining flamenco music with other genres, like jazz or latin music?
Pablo Neruda
What is the name of the famous Chilean, communist poet who won the Noble Peace Prize for Literature in 1971?
Jorge Luiz Borges
Which Argentinian author wrote the book, The Aleph?
Miguel de Cervantes
The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of la Mancha was written by which Spanish author?
A poet
Who was the Venezuelan citizen, Andres Eloy Blanco, known for being?
Julia Alvarez
What is the name of the modern-day author from Dominican Republic who wrote the books, How the García Girls lost their Accent and In the Time of the Butterflies?
Books of chivalry
Of what type of books, very popular at its time, is El Quixote a caricature?
Pedro de Alvarado
The Salvadorian politician that was elected as the first president of the Federal Republic of Central America in 1825 was named...
Juana Inés
Which of the following Mexican authors was considered "The Tenth Muse" and lived as a nun during her lifetime?
Octavio Paz, Carlos fuentes, and Juan Rulfo
Which of the following lists famous Mexican authors and poets?
Drama, pessimism, and dissilusionment
Occurring in Spain, what are the characteristics of the Baroque period in literature?
Which country shares a border with all of the following countries: Peru, Argentina, and Bolivia?
In what year did General Augusto Pinochet overthrow the Chilean government?
Michelle Bachelet
What is the name of the first female president in Chile?
Andes Mountains
Which mountain range is located in Chile?
Weaving and clothing
The Mapuche in Chile expressed their art in the form of which media?
What is the most populated city in Chile?
What type of government does Chile have?
Empanada, pernil, and completos
Which of the following are typical foods served in Chile?
Which of the following is the most common way to toast in Chile?
Chile is known for being the largest export of which of the following materials?
La cueca
Based on Spanish, African, Peruvian, and Chilean indigenous roots; what is the national dance of Chile?
Which country does Easter Island belong to?
It is dry, sunny, and hot.
How is the climate in the North of Chile?
June, July, and August
When is winter in Chile?
The Chilean flag is similar to which state flag of the United States?
What is the name of the highest mountain in South America?
September 18
When is Chile's independence day?
Red, white, and blue
What are the colors of the Chilean flag?
Which indigenous people constructed the moai on Easter Island?
San Jose
In what Chilean mine where 33 people trapped?
Gabriela Mistral, the first Latin American to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, was from which South American country?
El tango
Which of the following dances originates from Argentina?
Yerba mate
Which drink is common in Argentina?
Which country has the largest population of penguins?
Which meat is most consumed by Argentinians?
Argentina is the __________ largest country in the world.
Southern right whales
Every winter, which animal migrates to Argentina?
Argentina is home to the highest peak in the Americas. What is it?
A live duck in a basket
When playing pato, Argentina's national sport, today's players use a leather ball with several handles. Originally, participants played with what?
Buenos Aires
Which city in Argentina is the second largest metropolitan city in South America, after Sao Paolo, Brazil?
In Argentina, who wears the baggy trousers called bombachas?
Che Guevara
Which Latin American revolutionary was born in Argentina?
Italy and Spain
Which countries have the most in common with Argentina in respect of culture?
She was the first lady of Argentina.
Why was Eva Perón given the official title of "Spiritual leader of the nation" in Argentina?
Diego Maradona
Who is the most famous soccer player in Argentina known for the "Hand of God?"
Guitar, violin, flute, and/or bandoneón
Which instruments are most associated with tango?
Bolivia and Paraguay
Which countries border north of Argentina?
Argentina and Brazil
Which two countries does Iguazu River through?
Lake Argentino
What is the name of the largest fresh water lake in Argentina?
Jaguars and Pumas
Which type of big cats are found in Argentina?
What is a typical ingredient in the traditional Spanish dish paella?
Pablo Picasso
Known for being a co-founder of cubism, which Spanish artist created the following painting called Portrait of Dora Maar:
How many regions are there in Spain?
46 million
What is the estimated population size of Spain?
Antonio Gaudí
Who is the architect that designed La Sagrada Familia, the famous cathedral in Barcelona, Spain?
San Fermin Festival
Which festival occurs every July in Pamplona, Spain where people from all over the world come to run with bulls?
2 p.m.
At what time does la siesta normally occur for millions of people living in Spain?
Ferdinand VII
In 1898, the Spanish-American war began during which Spanish regime?
Which clothing line founded in 1975 in Spain expanded all over the world with 1,763 stores?
Andorra, France, and Morocco
Which of the following countries border Spain?
River Tajo
Which is the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula Starting in the mountains of Madrid and flowing out into the sea of Lisbon?
Cool to mild and wet
What are the winters generally like in Spain?
What is the name of the highest mountain in Spain?
Air pollution
Which of the following types of environmental issues puts Spain as 20th in the world suffering from this issue?
All Saints Day
What is the name of the holiday where millions of Latin Americans and Spaniards go to graveyards to visit their deceased relatives and bring them flowers and treats?
Constitutional Monarchy
What type of government does Spain have?
Salvador Dalí
Who is the surrealist, Spanish artist that painted Persistence of Memory
Participants throw tomatoes at each other in the largest food fight in the world.
What occurs during La Tomatina in in Buñol, Spain?
What is the name of the peninsula Spain is on?
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
Which Spanish king and queen sponsored Christopher Columbus in his venture which led to the discovery of the Americas in 1492?
Venezuela declared independence from Spain in what year?
Around 26
How many indigenous people are in Venezuela?
What is the biggest population of indigenous people in Venezuela?
What type of currency does Venezuela have?
27 million
What is the estimated population of Venezuela?
Poet and politician
Who was Venezuelan native, Andrés Eloy Blanco?
He was a key liberator of South America's struggle against the Spanish empire.
Who was Simón Bolivar?
Caribbean sea and North Atlantic Ocean
Which major bodies of water border Venezuela?
Baruj Benacerraf
Which of the following people won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his or her studies in immunology?
Valencia, Maracaibo, Maracay, Barquisimeto
Which of the following lists cities located in Venezuela?
Which country has the highest waterfall, Angel Falls or El Salto Ángel, in the world?
From which country are arepas, a flat bread made with maize or flour, eaten on a daily basis?
Nicolás Maduro
Being in office since 2013, who is the current president of Venezuela?
Venezuela and Guyana
The Tepui or Tepuy (pictured below) is a Tabletop mesa found mainly in which two countries?
In which country is the fan shaped, Orinoco River located?
Chino y Nacho
Which of the following is a music group originating from Venezuela and is considered one of the most popular bands in its country of origin?
Which country is 5th in the world in the exports of petroleum? CITGO is one of the main petroleum companies exporting from this country.
Frida Kahlo
What is the name of the Mexican artist who was known for her personal and revealing self-portraits like the one below?
Around 8,000 species, like the pitcher plant, carnivorous orchid, and the grey-headed warbler are endemic (found only) in which country?
There are species of flowers that can only be found on the Tepui.
Which statement is true about the Tepui or Tepuy, the flat-top mountains of Gran Sabana?
Juan Manuel Santos Calderón
Who is the current president of Colombia?
12% of the world's coffee is exported from which country?
From which country did Shakira (pictured below) originate from?
Which type of music originated form Colombia?
Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean
Colombia has coasts in...
Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, northern Peru, western Guyana and northwest Brazil
El Gran Colombia or Great Colombia was a short-lived republic that include the territories of of these present-day countries:
Mestiza (offspring of Spaniard and American Indian)
50% of the population of Colombia is...
Which of the following instruments would not be found in a mariachi band?
A bike race
What is "La Vuelta a España?"
Mole poblano
Chocolate is one of the many ingredients in which Oaxacan sauce?mole poblano
What is the name of the famous egg-custard eaten in the Spanish-speaking world?
What is the largest Spanish-speaking country in South America?
Lake Titicaca
Which is the largest lake in South America?
World Cup (FIFA)
What is one of the greatest events in soccer that takes place every four years?
In what year did the Olympics occur in Mexico?
Magdalena River
What is the name of the longest river in Colombia?
What type of government does the country of Colombia have?
Monserrate Mountain
Which mountain can you see from every location in Bogotá, Colombia?
Which country is known for its exports of Andean coffee?
The climate in Colombia can vary wildly.
What is true about the climate in Colombia?
This Colombian artist is known in over 20 countries for his hits like, La camisa negra, Me enamora, and A Dios le pido. What is the name of this Colombian singer?
Soy Bean
Which item is a major export of Argentina?
5th of May
When do some Mexicans celebrate the Battle of Puebla?
Which spice is used in Mexican hot chocolate?
Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California
Which four U.S. states border Mexico?
Popocatepetl (also known as El Popo)
What is the name of the active volcano in the central valley of Mexico?
Enrique Nieto
What is the name of the current president of Mexico?
Which currency is used in Mexico?
Which dog breed originates from Mexico?
8 million
About how many people live in Mexico City, Mexico?
What is a main export of Mexico?
Belize, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea are directly southeast of which country?
In Mexican culture, the Aztecs had great respect to a "feathered serpent" god named...
Los Cabos
Where in Mexico can one go whale watching during the winter?
Air pollution
Mexico City suffers from what type of pollution that has brought more than one million people into the hospital?
What is the name of the cactus that is commonly eaten in Mexico?
Which of the following is a traditional food in El Salvador?
When did El Salvador get its independence from Spain?
Pacific Ocean
Which ocean is to the South of El Salvador?
Pipil Mayans
Which ancient group controlled the lands in El Salvador before anyone else?
Primary School (ages 5-11)
In Mexico, it is required by law that children be educated up to which grade level?
Guatemala and Honduras
Which countries border El Salvador?
Which type of currency does El Salvador use?
El Salvador
Which of the following countries is the smallest (by area) in Central America?
What is the name of the small, green bird with a red belly that lives in the cloud forests of Costa Rica?
Which is the currency used in Costa Rica?
At what age do children begin school in Costa Rica?
around 5 million
What is the population of Costa Rica?
Tourism and the nation government
What does the economy in San Jose, Costa Rica depend on?
San Jose
Which city in Costa Rica is the first to have public telephones installed?
Costa Rica
In which country is artistically painted ox-cart commonly seen and where miniature ox-carts are sold as a souvenir?
Volcanoes, hot springs, and waterfalls
Which of the following could you find in Costa Rica?
Dry seasons and wet seasons
What type of climate does Costa Rica have year around?
Ox-cart Driver's Day
Which of the following holidays is only celebrated in Costa Rica?
Architect and painter
A Costa Rican native, what was Teodorico Qiuro's profession?
Costa Rica
Which country is most associated with the phrase, "Pura vida," which means "full of life," "great living," and "real living?"
Costa Rica
El gallo pinto(pictured below) is commonly eaten as a breakfast in which country?
Hydroelectric (use of Rivers and dams)
Which source(s) provides around 80% of Costa Rica's energy needs?
Lake Enriquillo
Which lake is the largest salt water lake in the southwestern region of Dominican Republic reaching 40 meters below sea level?
Which country border the west side of the Dominican Republic?
It is named after Juan Pablo Duarte, one of the founding fathers of Dominican Republic.
Which of the following statements is true about Pico Duarte, a popular tourist location, in the Dominican Republic?
The national sport of Dominican Republic is....
From the 1930's to the 60's, the Trujillo Regime in Argentina heavily restricted the press's freedom of ___________.
Merengue and bolero
Which genres of music and/or dance originate from Argentina?
Luis Castillo
Which of the following baseball players was born in the Dominican Republic and played as second baseman for the Florida Marlins?
Which of the following ingredients can be found in sancocho, a traditional dish of the Dominican Republic?
The Dominican Republic born artist, Ramón Oviedo, was which type of artist?
Agriculture, mining, and tourism
What does the economy in the Dominican Republic mostly depend on?
Around 10.5 million
What is the population of the Dominican Republic?
What is the estimated population of Equatorial Guinea?
In which continent is Equatorial Guinea located?
What is the national language of Equatorial Guinea?
What is the capital of Equatorial Guinea?
Spanish, French, and Portuguese
What are the official languages of Equatorial Guinea?
Which of the following is not a natural resource found in Equatorial Guinea?
Cameroon and Gabon
Which countries border Equatorial Guinea?
Who of the following is a main import partners of Equatorial Guinea?
Arenal Volcano
Which of the following volcanoes recently erupted in Costa Rica?
For the first time in four decades, this volcano erupted on April 22, 2015, in Chile. What is the name of this volcano?
During which month is the two week long Limon Carnaval celebrated in Costa Rica?
What type of government does the Dominican Republic have?
United States
Power in the government of the Dominican Republic is most like which of the following countries?
Puerto Rico
The Mona Passage, 130 km wide separates the Dominican Republic from which other country?
Temperatures vary little; has two rainy seasons
What is the climate like in Dominican Republic?
Guatemala City
What is the capital of Guatemala?
What is the capital of Honduras?
Panama City
What is the capital of Panama?
San Juan
What is the capital of Puerto Rico?San Juan
Eloy Alfaro
Which of the following is a former president of Ecuador, one of its most famous political leaders and appears on the Ecuadorian fifty cent piece?
Juan Jose Flores
Who was the first president of Ecuador?
William Levy
Which of the following actors is originally from Cuba?
Michelle Rodriguez
Which of the following famous Spanish speakers is not from Cuba?
Ernesto Guevara
Of the following famous Spanish speakers who most likely smoked a Cuban cigar with Fidel Castro?
Where was Ernesto Guevara born?
Please identify the country in blue.
Please identify the country in blue.
Please identify the country in blue.
Please identify the country in purple.
Costa Rica
Which country does not border Mexico.
In what year did the Spanish conquer and colonize Mexico?
golden eagle
Which of the following animals is the national symbol of Mexico?
How many states make up the United Mexican States?
the people descended from European and ancient Mexican cultures.
The term "mestizo" is used to refer to...
Which Mexican city does not have a population of more than four million?
Which food was introduced to Mexican cuisine by the conquistadores?
In what year did Mexico City host the Olympics?
El Salvador
Please identify the country in blue.
Please identify the country in blue.
Costa Rica
Please identify the country in pink.
Please identify the country in pink.
Please identify the country in pink.
El Salvador
Please identify the country in pink.
Please identify the country in green.
Cotopaxi is a high altitude active stratovolcano in which South American country?
Chimborazo is a currently inactive stratovolcano in the Cordillera Occidental range of the Andes. The peak can be found in which South American country?
Huascarán or Nevado Huascarán is a mountain situated in the Cordillera Blanca range of the western Andes in the province of Yungay. In what country is the peak found?
Argentina and Chile
Nevado Ojos del Salado is a massive stratovolcano in the Andes and the highest active volcano in the world at 6,893 m. Which two nations share this impressive landmass?
Which Spanish-speaking country was claimed by Spain in 1442 and remained a Spanish colony until the Spanish-American war in 1898?
The dictator Fulgencio Batista and the July 26th movement are most closely associated with which Spanish-speaking country?
Which of these Spanish-speaking nations is ranked very high for human development by the United Nations and in 2015 was recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) as the first Spanish-speaking country to eradicate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis?
The famous author. poet and revolutionary philosopher, José Martí, is considered a national treasure in which Spanish-speaking country?
José Martí, through his tireless efforts, could be considered the symbol for which nations bid for independence from Spain?
Which country is most closely associated with the sinking of the battleship in Maine in 1898?
Which nation is most closely associated with the "Bay of Pigs" invasion?
Which Spanish-speaking nation is most closely associated with the legacy of the U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt?
José Gervasio Artigas is a national hero of which country?
Which Spanish-speaking country is the second smallest sovereign nation in South America?
El Río Negro is in what South American country?
Which capital city is the southernmost capital city in the Americas?
Which of these countries borders Argentina and often experiences its economic, political and environmental spillover?
The famous "livable sculpture" Casapueblo draws thousands of visitors from around the world to which Spanish-speaking nation?
With his depictions of historical events, the 19th-century painter Juan Manuel Blanes was the first artist from his home country to gain widespread international recognition. From where did he hail?
World renouned modernist painter Pedro Figari is from what country?
Which of these countries is landlocked?
Located and landlocked in South America, which of these nations is bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest?
Which of these nations is sometimes referred to as the "Corazón de América"?
Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil
In the disastrous Paraguayan war (1864-1870) Paraguay lost 60 to 70 percent of its population due to war and disease, and about 140,000 square kilometres (54,054 sq mi) of territory. With whom was Paraguay in conflict?
Alfredo Stroessner led South America's longest-lived military dictatorship from 1954 to 1989 in which country?
Which Spanish-speaking country is bordered in the north by Ecuador and Colombia in the east by Brazil, in the southeast by Bolivia, in the south by Chile and in the west by the Pacific Ocean?
Which Spanish-speaking country was home to the largest Pre-Colombian American state?
The battle of Ayacucho helped bring independence to which Spanish-speaking country?
Which Spanish-speaking country is most well know for its Incan ruins?
Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains above the Urubamba River valley. Built in the 15th century and later abandoned, it's renowned for its sophisticated dry-stone walls that fuse huge blocks without the use of mortar, intriguing buildings that play on astronomical alignments, and panoramic views. Its exact former use remains a mystery. Machu Picchu is located near which Peruvian city?
The National University of San Marcos is the oldest continuously functioning university in the Americas. If one were to want to attend this historic institution what country would they find themselves in?
Mashed potatoes, French fries and chips are all favourite snacks in the United States. Which Spanish speaking country should be thanked for these tasty foods?
Guinea Pig meat
What is cuy?
Which of these countries has the second largest segment of Amazonian rainforest in South America?
Spanish, Quechua and Aymara are the three official languages of which country?
Thanks to incredible waves off the coast of the twin towns Chicama and Mancora (near Trujillo City) this country is a surfer's paradise. In what country will surfers looking to catch these waves find themselves?
The Grand Canyon may be vast, but the Cotahuasi Canyon near the city of Arequipa is actually the deepest canyon in the world. In what country is this massive canyon found?
What is the capital of Chile?
What is the capital of Spain?
Santo Domingo
What is the capital of the Dominican Republic?
What is the national dish of Peru?
What root vegetable originated from Peru, where there are over 3,000 varieties of it produced today?
Peru is second only to which country when it comes to number of shamans?
What Peruvian tree is the highest-growing in the world?
The Marinera
What is Peru's national dance?
The Incas
What ancient Peruvian people charted constellations of darkness as well as light?
The Nuevo Sol
What is the currency of Peru?
Which English word is taken from the Quechua word "charqui?"
Ecuador is one of the only two South American countries that does not share a boarder with which other South American country?
To what did Ecuador officially recognize the rights of in 2008, saying it has the "right to exist, persist, maintain, and regenerate its vital cycles."
What year did Spaniards discover Ecuador?
The American Dollar
What form of currency does Ecuador use?
The myth of El Dorado is based on a city in what country?
How many national holidays does Colombia have?
What country hosts the world's largest theater festival, the Iberoamericana?
Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
What coastal mountain range at 13,000m is the highest in Colombia?
Who first started eating foods from trees, teaching Spanish explorers to do the same?
What metal is widely known and used in Colombia?
What currency is used in Colombia?
Andean Condor
What is the national animal in Colombia?
What is the national animal in Spain?
What currency is used in Spain?
Name the musical instrument similar to the xylophone.
Sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
When was the Golden Age of Spanish literature?
Alliance for Progress
Name the program established by the U.S. and other Latin American countries in 1961 aimed at helping Latin America.
What is the nut used to make marzipan?
Almonds or ground melon seeds
From what nut is the drink horchata made?
What are tapas?
April Fool's Day
El Día de los Inocentes is equivalent to what American day?
Many Spanish words beginning with 'al' are of what origin?
What does the word "ruedo" mean?
At a bullfight
When would one hear a "Paso Doble"?
At mealtimes
When do you say "Buen provecho"?
Bacherillato Clásico
What course does the Spanish Graduado Escolar lead to?
Before Columbus' arrival in the New World
What does "Pre-Columbian" mean?
Book store
What is a libreria?
Both ears and the tail of the bull as trophies
What is the bullfighter's greatest honor?
What would you buy in a panadería?
What color is associated with St. Francis of Assisi?
What is a corrida?
Where can you hear the cheer 'ole'?
What is a torero?
What is the profession of Conchita Cintron and Maribel Atienza?
Carlos Santana
Which Latin Grammy artist's album "Supernatural" won eight Grammy awards in 2000?
Catholic custom
Why is no meat served on Fridays of Lent in many Hispanic countries?
What musical instrument did Pablo Casals play?
César Chavez
What Mexican-American led migrant workers to better conditions through the United Farm Workers?
Chicken and rice
What are the main ingredients in arroz con pollo?
During what holiday are luminarias used?
During what holiday is turrón eaten?
Christmas Eve
What holiday is known as La Nochebuena?
Christmas, Easter and other festivals
When are marzipan animals sold?
What is the flavor of kahlua?
Colombia and Mexico
There are two styles of 'cumbia'. In what countries did they originate?
Colorado Rockies
In 1993, Linda Alvarado was the first Hispanic to become the owner of a major league baseball team. Which team was it?
Comic book spies
What is the occupation of Mortadelo and Filemón?
What is Tex Mex music called?
Cooking bananas (in Mexico plátano macho)
(in Mexico platano is a plain banana)
What are plaintains or plátanos?
What is the main ingredient in the drink atole?
Corn husks and bananas leaves
Name two natural products used to wrap tamales.
Creoles or criollos
What was the term for people of Spanish parentage born in the New World?
Dairy products
What would you buy at a lecheria?
Egg custard dessert
What is flan?
Don Diego
What was Zorro's secret identity?
What are you when you are borracho?
Early afternoon
When is the main meal of the day, la comida, served?
What is "ecoturismo"?
Edible cactus used in salads and as hot vegetable (pad from a prickly pear)
What are nopales?
Egg yolks
What is the main ingredient in the candies yemas?
How many capitals cities are linked by the Pan American Highway?
El periquillo samiento
What is the title of the first picaresque novel of the New World?
Fútbol, the most popular sport in the Spanish-speaking world, originated in what country?
Epiphany or el Dia de los Reyes Magos
What holiday is celebrated on January 6th?
Ernesto Lecuona
Who composed "Malaguena"?
Escondidas or Escondillas
What do Hispanic children call "Hide and Seek"?
Espadas (swords), copas (cups), oros (gold coins) and bastos (clubs or batons)
Name the four suits in a deck of Spanish playing cards
Fancy cakes and sweets
What is made and sold at a pasteleria?
Fernandez de Lizardi
Who wrote "El periquillo sarmiento"?
First floor
If you enter a Spanish building and go up one flight of stairs, what floor are you on?
Name the famous egg custard of Mexico and Spain
Florida, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, California (Texas original spelling 'tejas')
Name the three of the U.S. states that have Spanish names
Note: New Mexico is not a Spanish name because "New" is not Spanish and "Arizona" is not Spanish either
Fried pork skins
What are chicharrones?
What is the name of the court on which "jai alai" is played?
What is a mango?
Fútbol or soccer
What is the most popular sport in the Spanish-speaking world?
What do Hispanic people call soccer?
Gabriel Garcia Márquez
Who wrote the novel Cien Años de Soledad?
Game with ritual and religious overtones combining elements of basketball and soccer, played by the pre-Columbian Indians from Honduras to Arizona
What is "tlachtli"?
Giblets, tripe soup or a boy band from Puerto Rico
What is menudo?
What is the paternal last name of Juanita Elena Gómez de Lara?
Good Neighbor Policy
What was the name of the F.D.R's policy toward Latin America?
Group of figurines made to represent a scene or event
What is a "retablo"?
Hands or fingers
With what do you play the castanets?
Heal people with herbs and plants
What is the role of the curandera?
Hernando de Soto
What was the first European explorer to reach the Mississippi River?
From what flower is Agua de Jamaica made?
High School
El Bacherillato Clásico is a system of education comparable to what institution in America?
Hot chocolate
What drink is often served with churros?
Hot chocolate
What would you mix with a molinillo?
In a bullring
Where would one find a salida de los toros?
Inc. or Incorporated
What is the English equivalent of 'S.A.' or "Sociedad Anónima"?
Indigenous leader or chief
What is a cacique?
-ito or -ita
What do you add to the end of a Spanish noun to show friendliness or
Jai alai
What is another name for the game pelota?
Jennifer Lopez
What Hispanic actress/singer began her career on the 90's TV show "In
Living Color"?
Jennifer Lopez
Who did salsa singer Marc Antony marry?
John F. Kennedy
What president started the Alliance for Progress?
John Hawkins and Francis Drake
Name two of the most famous English pirates who worked the New World?
Jorge Isaacs
Who wrote the novel "María"?
José Luís Rodriguez
What famous Latin American singer is known as "El Puma"?
Juanito is the nickname for _____.
Juan Ponce de Leon
Who was the first European explorer to reach Florida?
Juan Ponce de León
Who was the Spanish explorer who searched for the Fountain of Youth?
Julio Iglesias
Who is singer Enrique Iglesias' famous father?
Kansas City
Where in Missouri is a replica of the Giralda?
La Llorona
Who is the spirit of the river who is always mourning her children?
Leather flask for drinking wine
What is a porrón?
Long strips sometimes forming a spiral
What is the shape of churros?
What is the Spanish word for the concept of male dominance in Hispanic culture?
Main square (zócalo in Mexico)
Where will you always find the primary cathedral in a town?
Marc Antony
Who was J Lo's Puerto Rican husband?
Name the musical instrument similar to the xylophone.
Name the musical instrument similar to the xylophone.
Who might wear a suit of lights?
What would you buy at a carnicería?
What is the Spanish term for a person of mixed European and Indian blood?
When does one eat desayuno?
Musicians who wear medieval costumes while performing
What is a "tuna"?
New Mexico
Which state entered the Union in 1916 as an officially bilingual state?
New Mexico
In what U.S. state did the practice of using luminarias begin?
New Spain
During the colonial period, what was the name of México?
New Year's Eve
When is La Noche Vieja?
Nina, Pinta, and Santa María
Name Columbus' three ships.
What is turrón?
During what month is the Day of the Dead celebrated?
Ocho días
How do you say "a week from today" in Spanish?
An Hispanic handshake consists of how many shakes?
One hundred
How many centavos are there in a peso?
Organization of American States
The Pan American Union changed names in 1948, what is the current name?
Pan American Day
What is celebrated on April 14?
Where would you go to buy bread in a Spanish-speaking country?
Who was the Cisco Kid's sidekick?
What is the English name that is equivalent to Pablo?
Person with Spanish and Indian blood
What is a mestizo?
What is the general name of a store where fish is sold?
What is the Spanish word for a spoken compliment to a woman?
Place where refreshments or light meals are served
What is a merendero?
Plácido Domingo
Who is the Hispanic opera star who made a song with John Denver?
Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras
Two of the "Three Tenors" are Hispanic. Name them.
What are granadas?
For what is yucca a common substitute?
Pumpkin seed
What is a pepita?
Puppet theater
What is a teatro de marionetas?
What birth date in Latin American resembles the North American "sweet
Raw fish marinated in lime juice
What is ceviche?
What color is chorizo?
What is the color of the bullfighter's small cape?
What color wine is used in sangria?
Red wine and brandy
What are the two alcoholic ingredients in sangria?
Religious carving in wood
What is a southwestern bulto?
What is an hostería?
Rolled cake with cream filling
What is brazo del gitano?
Roman Catholic
What is the religious affiliation of most Hispanic people?
What animal is used for cockfighting?
Samuel Houston
Who became the first regularly elected president of the Republic of Texas in
San Antonio, TX
In what city was the Battle of the Alamo fought?
Santa Fe
What is the oldest capital city in the United States?
Sauce is made with heavy cream
What is distinctive about enchiladas suizas?
What is chorizo?
Which part of the chili is hotter, the flesh or the seeds?
What part of the pumpkin has been used since Pre-Colombian times as a base
for sauces?
How many Latin American countries are linked by the Pan American Highway?
What is sold in a zapatería?
What is the Spanish word for the afternoon nap following lunch?
What is the profession of Johnny Rodriguez?
Six tenths
How many miles are there in a kilometer?
Slowpoke Rodriguez
Who is Speedy Gonzalez' lethargic cousin?
Smaller version of regular noun to which they are attached
While -ito or -ita may be used to show affection, these suffixes may also be used to show what?
Soap opera
What is a "telenovela"?
Soccer player
What was Julio Iglesias' profession before he became a singer?
Society of Jesus or Jesuits
What order did St. Ignatius of Loyola found?
Soft drink
What is a gaseosa?
Is it cheaper to sit in sol or sombra at a bullfight?
Spain and Mexico
Where is horchata drunk?
Speedy Gonzalez
What famous Mexican cartoon character was taken off the air but returned in June 2002 because of his fans' campaign?
Speedy Gonzalez
Who is the fastest mouse in all of Mexico?
Spoken compliment, at times crude, aimed at women
What is a piropo?
St. Augustine, FL
What is the oldest city in the United States?
Stand and Deliver
What 1988 movie was inspired by real-life math teacher, Jaime Escalante, who worked with inner city high school students in East Los Angeles?
On what day are most bullfights held?
Take a walk
What is meant by "dar un paseo"?
What do you call a soap opera in Spanish?
Thick bean soup with pork, ham and spiced sausage
What is fabada?
Thin flat cake made from corn or flour
In Latin American, what is a tortilla?
Thirty-five million
According the 2000 US census, how many Hispanics are living in the United States (within 5 million)?
Into how many tercios is a bullfight divided?
What is the name for a popular flat, thin cornmeal pancake?
Traffic circle
What is a "glorieta"?
What are huevos rellenos stuffed with?
Turnover-type pastry filled with meat or sweet filling
What is an empanada?
How many strings does a 'tiple' have?
Two thousand
What year did the Latin Grammy Awards debut?
Two to three hours
What is the length of time allowed for a traditional Spanish lunch and siesta?
Un café solo
Which is stronger, un café solo or un cortado?
Un tinto
What would you ask for in Spanish if you wanted red wine?
Union of the Celts and Iberians
Where did the Celtiberians come from?
United States
What country has the fourth largest Spanish speaking population in the world?
What was the title of the governors of Spanish colonies?
Which hemisphere has the most Spanish speaking countries?
William McKinley
What U.S president held office at the outbreak of the Spanish-American war?
World Cup
What is the greatest event in soccer, which takes place every four years?
Yellow and pink
What is the color of the bullfighter's large cape?
What part of the egg is the yema?
The 3 kings (wise men)
Who are Gaspar, Melchior and Baltasar?
January 6
When does one eat a Roscón de Reyes?
Guitar, small with 12 strings
What is a 'tiple'?
She is celebrating her 15 th birthday
What is special about a quinceañera?
Three revolutions for independence from Spain started in the same year. What year was this?
In what year did the Pan American Union form?
Andrés Bello
Who wrote the nineteenth century grammar text still considered one to the best?
How many trips did Columbus make to the New World?
What is the main ingredient of sopa de ajo?
What is the flavor of alioli sauce?
The population is greater in which country, Spain or Mexico?

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