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Grammar-Week 12


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Comparative Adjectives
Compare two of something.
Add the letters -er.
-Example: Clean becomes cleaner
Superlative Adjectives
Compare three or more of something and indicate something is the most of that characteristic.
Add the letters -est
-Example: Clean becomes cleanest
Adjectives ending in y
Change the y to an i before adding -er or -est.
-Example: Juicy becomes juicier or juiciest
One-Syllable Adjectives
Form comparative by adding -er and form superlative by adding -est.
Two-Syllable Adjectives
Form comparative and superlative in two ways:
~Some add -er and -est
~Others add more and most
-Example: Graceful becomes more graceful or most graceful
**Some can go both ways-angrier or more angry
Three-Syllable Adjectives
Almost always form comparatives and superlatives using modifiers more and most.
-Example: beautiful becomes more beautiful
*Never add both -er/-est and more or most!
**Exceptions: good/better/best
fun/more fun/most fun
Incomparable Adjectives
They cannot be compared so you cannot make a comparative or superlative version of them.
-Example: Dead=cannot be more dead or most dead
A shortened version of the two words: it is.
We call it a contraction.
-Example: It's almost time for school.
Shows that something belongs to it
-Example: The dog licked its wounds and hobbled home.