Network + chapter 13

Tamara Dean 6th Edition
Which of the following symptoms possibly point to a faulty switch port?
Twelve users in one department complain that they cannot log on to the network.
You are helping a user who cannot connect to the Internet from her wireless workstation on your company's LAN. After determining that she is the only user having this problem, and that user error is not the problem's cause, what is the next thing you check?
Her workstation's wireless connection configuration
While working at the help desk, you take a call from a user who cannot log on to the network. After verifying that this user is the only one person affected, you ask for his username and password and try replicating the problem. You successfully log on to the network with his username and password from your help desk workstation. Which of the following causes can then you rule out?
None of the above
As a help desk analyst, or first-level support technician, which of the following calls are you most likely to escalate to second-level support personnel?
A manager in the Sales Department complains that none of her 112 salespeople across the country can connect to the company's VPN.
To help you identify the area affected by a problem, which of the following questions might provide the answers you need?
How many users have similar symptoms?
You have recently resolved a problem in which a user could not print to a particular shared printer by upgrading her workstations client software. Which of the following might be an unintended consequence of your solution?
The user is no longer able to log on to the network
You are troubleshooting a problem that you suspect is caused by an Internet gateway failure. Assuming your organization relies on only one Internet gateway, which of the following symptoms would lead you to focus on that gateway as the source of the problem?
All users on a network are unable to retrieve e-mail.
Which of the following is an example of a network change that could cause only one group of workstations out of the dozen workgroups in your organization to lose connectivity to a local file server?
The configuration on a switch in the telecommunication closet is upgraded.
Which of the following tools could you use to determine whether a user's workstation is transmitting packets in the proper Ethernet frame type for your network?
Protocol analyzer
Suppose a user on your organization's network has changed the subnet mask value in his network interface's TCP/IP properties. Which of the following symptoms might he report when he calls the help desk?
All of the above
Suppose a client's NIC was to transmit data in half-duplex mode, while the switch port to which it was attached was configured for full-duplex mode. Which of the following are likely symptoms of this problem?
Excessive late collisions
Which of the following tools would you use to verify that your new cable meets CAT 6a standards?
Continuity tester
What function of a wireless network testing tool measures the amount of interference on a certain channel within a frequency band?
Spectrum analyzer
You are troubleshooting a connectivity problem that you believe is related to a faulty cable between a switch and a punch-down block. However, in the disorganized telecommunications closet, it seems impossible to determine which cable belongs to the switch by simply looking at the punch-down block. You decide to use a tone generator and locator to find the cable. Where will you issue the tone?
At the end of the cable connected to the switch's uplink port
Which of the following frequently results in negative frame sequence checks?
You have been asked to help solve a problem that suddenly appeared on your company's network. All data transmission has slowed to a crawl. You suspect a DOS attack or a broadcast storm. Which of the following tools would help you determine the source of either of these problems?
Protocol analyzer
You are using your wireless LAN connection to copy documents to a shared folder on your company's file server, when suddenly the connection stalls out. You check your wireless connection status, which indicates that you are still associated with your AP. Next, you run a protocol analyzer program on your workstation, which indicates an excessive number of lost or dropped packets between your workstation and the AP. Which of the following causes could be at fault?
A source of excessive EMI has been introduced.
You are troubleshooting a fiber-optic connection on your 1-GB LAN backbone. You suspect one of your fiber cross-connects is dirty, resulting in poor performance over the backbone. What tool will help you determine the location of the dirty cross-connect?
You have decided to take a break from your position at a telephone company's help desk and accompany a field technician to learn how to troubleshoot local loops. Which of the following tools will help you verify that a line is receiving dial tone from the CO (central office)?
Butt set
After your Internet service provider makes some changes in the way they connect to their network service provider, your organization's connection to a customer's Web site becomes noticeably slower. Which of the following troubleshooting tools helps you identify the number of hops between your office and the customer's Web site?