securing major crime and incident scenes


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SF responsibilities on scene?
Rendering 1st aid, Protect personal property, normalize traffic, ID witnesses ad personnel involved, conduct formal investigation, additional duties ID local operation instruction.
Major traffic accident is any accident involving?
serious injury
property damage amount determined
disabled vehicle
Accident info is recorded in SF blotter
Accident type
time and date
name(s) of vehicle operators
unit or address
vehicle description and license plate number
scene must be?
When proceeding to a crime scene?
Be quick but safe
Observe area as responding
take mental notes of suspicious people, vehicles around scene
when Arrived on scene?
contact BDOC
Request medical or backup as needed
apprehend/detain suspects
protect scene for investigation
note date, time ,and weather condition
SF role is to preserve evidence.
do not question victim(s)
do not collect evidences
if evidences is about to be destroyed by weather
cover with raincoat, canvas, wooden or cardboard boxes, or anything that will preserve
log all individuals who enter or exit scene with?
form 1109, victims control log
document all evidence with form
52, evidence tag
major incidents include but not limited too
aircraft crashes
bomb threat
chemical spill
natural disasters
surrounds incident area
keeps emergency responders safe
stops unauthorized entry
IC determines size of cordon
SF provide initial site and cordon security functions
responders enter or leave through
entry control point
ecp is controlled by
security forces or other government agencies
traffic control point
points that allow movement into or around site
response to hazardous material or cbrne incident SF must:
Proceed cautiously
avoid becoming a victim
follow directions from hazmat responders
terrorist use of cbrne
1st responders:
assess situation
alert for indicators of criminal acts
beware the destruction maybe human caused
if suspect if found
reasonable belief they were responsible for incident
notify BDOC or IC
mass evac.
decision made by Ic (known as fire chief)
Major factors in evacuations
shelter availability
mission critical status of assert to be moved
safety of personnel
actions to be taken?
non-essential personnel directed to leave scene (regardless of rank)
in the case tat aircraft and/or missiles
responsibility of maintenance personnel
priorities for evacuations
injured personnel
personnel in danger
protection level resources
equipment carrying hazardous material
high value or mission essentials equipment