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hey guys this is the latin midterm study guide evrything from latin 1 up to now. i will continue to add things as we learn them, i will update this every chance i get. i believe you can get last years vocab from ms handlers website and we have 2 lists from this year. if its not finished dont yell at me or anything i will keep putting things on it when i have time.if you want practice i would reccomend doing the review exercises in the book. if you see anything wrong you can correct it but dont a…

added notes

'=macron ex a'
sorry cant upload verbs, cant upload a pic and too much to write out
for any charts 1st column is singular 2nd is plural unless marked otherwise


1/2 declension-us/r, a, um
3rd declension-is, is, e
3rd 1 termination-same for al genders

masculine 1/2 chart

us is
i orum
o is
um os
o is

femenine 1/2 chart

a ae
ae arum
ae is
am as
a' is

neuter 1/2 chart

um a
i orum
o is
um a
o is

masculine/feminine 3rd chart

is es
is ium
i ibus
em es
i ibus

neuter 3rd chart

e ia
is ium
i ibus
e ia
i ibus

ablative of means

-not accompanied with a latin preposition
-thing in ablative case
-translated"by means of ________""by__""with___"

ablative of time

-not accompanied by a latin preposition
-time word in ablative case
-translated "in___" "at____" "within___"

ablative of manner

-how? less tangible
-sometimes accompanied by cum
-translated "with_______"

ablative of cause

-not accompanied by a latin preposition
-translated "becasue of _______"

ablative of accompaniment

-used with cum
-cum+living creature in ablative case
-translated "with_________"

partitive genitive/genitive of the whole

-used with indefinite word ex some, more
-dont translate "of_____"

ablative of agent

-translated "by_______"
-accompanied by preposition a/ab

ablative of comparison

-translated "than________"
-not accompanied by a latin preposition
-ex marcus is luckier than sextus

ablative of degree of difference

-used with
----paulo-a little
ex marcus est multo felicior sexto
marcus is much luckier than sextus

active verbs

charts pg... of latin book
subject is doing the action

1st personal pronoun

ego nos
mei nostri
mihi nobis
me nos
me nobis

2nd personal pronoun

tu vos
tui vestri
tibi vobis
te vos
te vobis

3rd personal pronoun

singular is ea id
" " " eius-----------
" " " ei--------------
" " " eum eam id
" " " eo ea' eo
plural ei eae ea
" " " eorum earum eorum
" " " eis--------------
" " " eos eas ea
" " " eis--------------

reflexive pronouns

all forms singular pl, m f n

possesive adjectives

s1st meus mea meum-my
s2nd tuus tua tuum-yours
s3rd suus sua suum- his hers its
pl1st noster nostra nostrum-ours
pl2nd vester vetsra vestrum-yours
pl3rd suus sua suum-theirs


this, these -SINGULAR
hic, haec , hoc
huius -----------------------------
hunc, hanc ,hac
hoc, hāc, hoc
hi, hae, haec
horum, harum, horum
hoc hac haec


that those
singular- ille illa illud
illum illam illud
illo illā illo
plural- illi illae illa
illorum illarum illorum
illos illas illa

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