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a hard stone used for sharpening metal


a hard, fine-grained stone for honing tools.

men, manners, morals

What did Bacon's essays examine?

histories, tragedies, comedies

What did Shakespeare write?


When did Shakespeare live?q

Cultural Memory

Information and ideas that are passed down from past generations that teach us about our history and life.

Library of Alexandria burning down and Nazis burning books

What were Bradbury's inspirations?


This was a literary and philosophical movement that focused energy on the human spirit and developing freedoms of the individual.


When was F451 written?


an expected custom or behavior of a social group.

Creatio ex nihlio

Creation from nothing


Creation from the Earth, or parts of the Earth.

Creatio ex Deo

Creation from a god's body.

Verbal Creation

creation from a song of from words






a codified, organized body of literature that can be either oral or written, that explains the beliefs, values and more of a culture.


the beginning or the birthplace

Flood hero

represents our never-ending urge for new beginnings in his placental ark.


sometimes a negative force and sometimes a cultural hero.

the creator

the primal, ordered form that brings order to the universe.

first man/ woman

continue the creator's work of creation in our own time and space. often fall from the creator's grace and are punished.


a brach of astrophysics that studies the origin and structure of the universe.


a widely used device or an expected pattern a story will take.

1844 Nineveh Layard

Fill in the blanks: Gilgamesh was found in (_year_) in (_place_) by archaeologist (_Person_)


He is the sun-god who is Gilgamesh's supernatural help.


immortal human who lives on an island.


the boatman that takes Gilgamesh to the island of the immortal human.

720 B.C.

When was the Odyssey written?

1200 B.C.

When did the story of the Odyssey take place?

700's B.C.

When did Homer live?

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