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Who is Katsumoto?
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Cynical alcoholic, Civil War and Indian Wars veteran; he is haunted by the massacre of the Native Americans. He initially helps the new Meiji Restoration government train its first Western-style conscript army. During the army's first battle, he is captured by the Katsumoto and taken to the village of Katsumoto's son, where he falls in love with the samurai way of life and joins their army.
Businessman from Japan who is assisting the Emperor in westernizing their country. He initially hired Nathan Algren to train the Japanese Imperial Army; he wanted to suppress the samurai army. He does however think that Katsumoto is an extraordinary man, but he wants to ultimately kill him to stop his army.
What does "No Mind" mean? (also why is it called "no mind"?)To free your mind of "mental constructs", the perceptions of ourself+other people are created by the mind (fears, doubts, opinions, etc.) No mind because it is without any grasping at a (selfish) self.What does our mind do to ourselves?Buddhists think we are all just limiting ourselves which puts us in a sort of prison BUT enlightenment is freeing us from that. Samurais → they are freeing their mind of PREVIOUS concepts. EX: The MatrixWhat is our original mind?Original mind is prior to thought, prior to desire, prior to any conceptualization at all.Why is no mind and enlightenment significant?Humans see everything with a cause but something without causality (formless) has all potentiality.When a person defines themselves, what happens? (Enlightenment/No Mind)When a person defines themselves (in terms of language, beliefs, etc.), they create a form for themselves, then they are no longer able to be anything else. BEFORE, they were formless so they could/can be anything. When you become SOMETHING, you give up being ANYTHING/EVERYTHING. EX: Fist analogyWhat conditions a person's mind?Causes (spec. environmental causes)How do you essentially free your mind and find the TRUTH?You have to strip away your perceptions with the environmentWhat is zen?Empty mind of biases, mental constructs. You have to see from all perspectives. We teach ourselves from our own mind. Purpose is to discipline the mind itself, to make its own master, through insight into its nature.What is enlightenment?Overcoming one's limited perceptions and limited selfWhat is the concept of dualities?You cannot have one opposite without the other. The two opposites are not actually that different. All pairs are just differing "degrees" of the other.What is inter-being?What is no self?What is karma?What is reincarnation?What does the elephant story show (wholeness)?