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Revolutionary war test

A place to store weapons and military supplies
A sword-like stabbing blade that may be fixed to the muzzle of a rifle for use in hand-to-hand combat
To refuse to buy items in order to protest or force acceptance of one's terms
Cash crop
A crop raised for sale in markets such as tobacco or cotton
A group of people who leave their native country for new land to settle in, but stay connected to the parent nation
Committee of correspondence
An organization that spread political ideas and information through Britain's American colonies
A member of a small group taking part in irregular or sly fighting, typically against a larger regular forces. They use hit and run tactics
An American colonist who remained loyal to Britain and opposed the war for independence
A paid soldier who serves in armed forces of a foreign country
A member of a class of American militiamen who volunteered to be ready for service at a minutes notice
The highest law-making body in england
An American colonist who favored American independence
A large farm with cheap labor
Ideas or information intentionally spread to harm or help a cause
A deadly contagious viral disease with fever and pustules
Subsistence farming
Farming that produces enough to meet immediate needs
French and Indian war
This war from 1756-1763 put the British into dept
An intellectual and scientific movement of the 1700s, that often ran against religion
An extreme shortage of food
A military force made of ordinary citizens who are trained to fight in emergencies
George Washington
Who created the proclamation of 1763
Quartering act
This act was a cost-saving measure that required the colonies to house British soldiers and provide them with supplies
Stamp act
This act was a law that required all legal and commercial documents to carry an official stamp showing that a tax has been paid
Son's of liberty
A secret society formed to protect the colonists to fight against the taxation made by the parliament
Daughters of liberty
Boycotted British goods but rather than fighting, made their own home goods
Townshend acts
Series of acts to help pay the dept caused by the French and Indian war
A person who imported goods
Crispus attucks
First person to die in the Boston massacre
Boston tea party
An act by some son's of liberty who got together, boarded a ship, and destroyed millions of dollars worth of tea as protest against the tea acts
George washington
The 2nd continental congress selected this man as commander and chief of the continental army
Who won the battle of bunkerhill
Midnight ride
A trip Paul revere took with William Dawes to spread the news that the British troops were coming
A partnership; system in which countries agree to defend each other or to advance common cause
In which grain is ground to produce flour or a meal
An unfair opinion not based on facts
Declaration of Independence
Breakup letter from the 13 colonies to Britain
Thomas jefferson
Who wrote the declaration of Independence
Intolerable acts
What was created after the Boston tea party
Shot heard around the world
The first shot that was fired in Lexington and concord which lead to the revolutionary war
Paul revere
Boston silversmith and second messenger during the midnight ride
Olive branch petition
Petition the continental congress sent to parliament to avoid way and create peace, but under one circumstance, they wanted to be able to negotiate taxes and laws
settling in the appalachian mountains
What did the proclamation of 1763 stop the colonists from doing?
Boston massacre
Gruesome fight between the redcoats and colonists in Which redcoats shot and killed 5 colonists in fur of there continuous protests of the taxes laid on them
Where was the "shot heard around the world" fired at?
What trade animal lead to the French and Indian war?
Townshend acts
What act lead to the Boston massacre
Brown bess
What was the specific name of the musket used in war
1.7 million
How much money worth of tea was thrown off during the Boston tea party
Sugar act
What was the first major act
Samuel Adams
Who was leader of the son's of liberty
Colonel William Prescott
Who said these famous words, "don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes"