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Look no further for a fantastic learning resource for those of the visual sort that don't mind researching a bit. There is a quiz to follow, to check your understanding. I hope you enjoy this resource.

Stationary Front

A stationary front is a boundary between two different air masses, neither of which is strong enough to replace the other.
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Occluded Front

A composite front when colder air surrounds a mass of warm air and forces it aloft.
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Cold Front

The front of an advancing mass of colder air.
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Warm Front

The front of an advancing mass of warmer air.
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When meteorologists use tools they can _____

Predict the weather and look at information crucial to predicting weather.

Isobars indicate _______

Barometric differences.

Psychrometers measure _______

Relative humidity

The calmest part of a hurricane is the _______


Barometers measure _______

Air pressure.

Using a wind vane, you learn _______

The direction from where the wind is blowing in that area.

Anemometers measure _______

Wind speed.

25 percent of solar radiation is _______

Reflected by the atmosphere.

Solar radiation on Earth is usually _______


The thermosphere _______

Is the hottest layer.

Hurricanes form over _______

Tropical oceans.

What events occur in the water cycle?

Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff.

When cold air masses advance on warm air masses it is called a(n) _______

Cold front.

When warm air masses advance on cold air masses it is called a(n) _______

Warm front.

When neither a cold nor warm air mass can advance on one another it is a(n) _______

Stationary front.

When two cold air masses push a warm air mass up it is called a(n) _______

Occluded front.

The poles are colder because _______

They receive less sunlight.

Which of the following would a meteorologist use?

Anemometer (Wind speed)
Computer Technology


Computer Technology

Feathery, white clouds are called ______

Cirrus clouds.

Can ultraviolet radiation cause cancer? If it can, what type?

Yes, it causes skin cancer.

The first step in the water cycle is _______

Evaporation or transpiration.

The returning of water from Earth to the atmosphere and back is defined as _______

The water cycle.

What measures relative humidity?

A sling psychrometer.

I Hope This Helped.

Little more information: Eh, nothing comes to mind now. :) Ace that test!

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