Chapter 13

T or F: The trend in the United States is toward more racially mixed marriages.
An important consideration leading many parents to limit the number of children they have is
the high cost of raising children.
T or F: Feminist analysis links the operation of the family to patriarchy.
T or F: Bilateral descent is found in societies that have a relatively high level of gender equality.
The chapter-opening story of Rosa Yniguez who came from Mexico to live and raise her three children in California makes the point that
family patterns often change among immigrants who come to this country.
Which of the following are traits of marriage?
All of these are correct.
T or F: The structural-functional approach points out how family perpetuates social inequality.
The term "empty nest" refers to
families whose children have grown and left home.
T or F: Research indicates that a majority of U.S. married males are unfaithful to their wives at some point in their marriage.
Mounting research suggests that cohabitation
may actually discourage marriage.
T or F: Exogamy means that parents of similar social position pass on their standing to their children.
The recent trend in racially mixed marriages has been
upward-the numbers are increasing.
The MOST difficult transition in married life is typically
the death of a spouse.
T or F: Social class affects what women expect in a husband.
T or F: Most cases of family violence involve men as both victims and offenders
Which of the following concepts refers to the fusion of Christian principles with political activism often Marxist in character?
liberation theology
Religion is a social institution that is BEST defined as involving
beliefs and practices concerning what is sacred.
T or F: Parents and children form what sociologists call the extended family.
Which of the following would you expect to be the LEAST stable type of religious organizations?
A system of marriage that unites one woman with two or more men is called
Guided by the symbolic-interaction approach sociologists examine
All of these are correct.
T or F: Most research suggests that growing up in a one-parent family usually puts children at a disadvantage.
In the United States a recent trend involving parenting is that
more adults are delaying having children or choosing to remain childless.
Which of the following categories of the U.S. population has the greatest share of female-headed households?
African Americans
Research shows that growing up in a single-parent family
is usually a disadvantage to children.
According to the structural-functional approach which of the following is counted among the tasks of the family?
All of these are correct.
The concept "homogamy" means that
people marry others who are socially like themselves.