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example of homogeneous mixture
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how do you calculate volume and density of regular and irregular objectsues a graduated cylinderwhat determines if an object sinks or floatsit's densitylocation and charge of atomic particlesin the nueclus and positivewhy do compounds give off different particles when burnedit changes their chemical structurewhat is an atom with the same # of protons and electrons but a different # of neutronsisotopeFe+ Cl2= FeCl32,3,2true or false- 1 gram of h2o=1 cm3 h2o=1 mL h2otrueradioactive decaydecays by half each daywher are the metals on the periodic chartfurthes left to the rightwhere are the metaliods on the periodic chartthe green steps on the rightwhere are the nonmetals on the periodic charton top of the metaloidsare atoms positively or negatively chargedeitherare ions positively or negatively chargedeither oneare molecules positively or negatively chargedcan be eitherheterogenous mixturetrail mixwhat are the 2 types of mixtureshomogenous and heterogenouspart 1 of chemical equationcombination reactionpart 2 of chemical equationcomposition reactionpart 3 of chemical equationsynthesis reactiontype 1 of chemicalcombinationtype 2 of chemicaldecompositiontype 3 of chemicalsingle replacementtype 4 of chemicaldouble replacementchemical formula of sodium bicarbonateNaHCo3ratio of atoms of sodium bicarbonate1:1:1:3colligative properties depend on the or of particles in a solution. a solution is made of and . fill in the blank.number, concentration, solutes, solventshow many metal families are there on the periodic chart?4what is the next family after the metalsmetaloidsthen come the . fill in the blanknon metalsthe next family is called the whathalogensthe last family on the periodic chart is what?nobel gaseswhat is the common name for magnesium sulfateepsom saltwhat is the chemical formula for magnesium sulfateMgSo4what is the ratio of atoms for magnesium sulfate1:1:4what is the chemical formula for calcium chlorideCaCl2what is the ratio of atoms for calcium chloride1:2balance this molecule. NaHCo3=___Na,___H,___C,___O1,1,1,3what is needed to convert moles to grams and grams to molespicket fencea Ph of 5 is __ times stronger than a Ph of 4. fill in the blank10a Ph of 10 is ___ times stronger than a Ph of 8. fill in the blank100a Ph of 14 is ___ times stronger than a Ph of 11. fill in the blank1000there is a difference of ten in beween each number on the Ph scale because it is a _____________________. fill in the blanklogarithmicstronger acids and bases are _______ _________ _____ 7 but waeker ones are _________ ___ 7. fill in the blankfurther away from, closer toto add and subtract sig digs you always round to the _______ accurate measurement. fill in the blankleastto multiply or divide using sig digs you always round you're answer to the _____ number of digitsleastgive 1 compoundsodium bicarbonatea coumpound is _ or more elements chemically bonded in ________ ratiodefinitegive the chemical formula of sodium chloride and the common nameNaCl/ table saltgive the chemical formula of dihydrogen monoxideH2Oa mixture is _ or more elements that are not chemically bonded in ________ rationo particularwhat 2 things have a difference in solubilitysalt and sandname 1 element that can not be broken down by chemical or physical meanshydrogensymbols for hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, magnessium, and aluminumH, C, O, Mg, Alfor sig digs what digits are significant, and are there exceptionsall non-zero digits and yeswhat are the exceptionssandwich zeroes and trailing zeroeswhat is another way of writing very large or very small numbersscientific notationone mole of nay compound is equal to the sum of all its _____atomsacid ionH+basic ionOH-freezing point depression- 1 mole added to 1 kilogram of water lowers the temperature by how much1.86 degrees celciusboiling point elevation- 1 mole added to 1 kilogram of water raises the temperature by how much.51 degrees celciusHCl+NaOH= ?NaCl +H2Omagnetism, boiling point, and solubility are all whatseperation techniquesatoms combine to form compounds in specific ratios. what is this called?the law of definite compositionone ___ is equal to its ______ ____mol, atomic massavagodro's number6.02x10to the 23rdwhat is the purpose of a control in an experiment ?a comparisongive 1 example of a chemical changecolor changesolid to liquid is an example of whatphysical changeidentify the following with their proper bonds, CsBrionicNOcovalentCuSnmetallicname 3 things that can be obtained from energylight, movement, and powerwhat is potential energypotential energy is how much potential something has to movewhat is kinectic energythe energy of motionwhat 3 units are included in jouleskg, m, sname 3 manmade devices that produce electrical energybatteries, generators and radiothermal generatorsname 2 natural sources that produce electrical energylightning and electric eelswhat type of poential energy is stored in bonds between atomschemical energywhat type of energy can move through the vacuum of spaceradiant energyfirst law of therodynamicsenerg can nevr be created or destroyed only transformedwhat 2 factors determine momentumlack of external forces and the number/power of internal forceswhen traveling at higher speeds in a vehicle, following distance should be increased for safety. as speed is doubled what happens to the braking distance?it increasesare you doing work if you try to lift a 300 lb dumbbell and it doesnt move?no(you actually are)what are 3 main catigories of simple machineswheel and axel, inclined planes, and leverswhat are 2 types of a leverfulcrum and rigid barwhat type of leverhas the fulcrum between the resistance and effort?first class leverwhat type of lever do most bones in the body form?third class leversfirst class-_______ located between effort and resistance or loadfulcrumsecond class-__________ located between fulcrum and effortresistancethird class-______ located between fulcrum and resistanceeffortwhat type of modified simple machine are screws and boltsinclened planehow is pressure on a surface affected when force is increasedthe pressure lowersto convert celcius to kelvin what you doadd 273charles law states that as the ___________ on a gas INCREASES/DECREASES the ______ of the gas INCREASES/DECREASEStemperature/volumeboyles law states as ________ INCREASES the ______ of the gas DECREASESpressure/volumewhat do builders include in roads, sidewalks, and on bridgesslots so the concrete can expand and contract due to weathera pot of water is placed on the stove to boil, thermal energy is transferred from the bunrer to the pot, what kind of heat transfer is thisconvectionQ=MxC(sp)xDELTA Tenergy in joules=mass in grams X 4.18J/g X t(final) - t(initial)temperatureis a measure of whatkinetic energy of the molecules in a substancethermal energy is whata measure of total kinetic energyof all the particles of a substancewhat is the specific heat of water4.18j/g*degrees Cwhat is the equation for finding how much heat is gained or lostQ=m*Csp*delta Twhat is delta TT initial - T finallike charges _____ and opposite charges _______repel;attractwhat produces a positive charge when you shuffle your shoes on a carpetweak affinitywhat type of batteries do most cell phones and laptops uselithium ionwhat type of electricity does lightning producecurrentwhat is a charge that can exist between 2 stationary objectsstatic electricitycurrent electricity is whatconstantly moving electronswhat are the 2 types of circutsparalell and series_______ is the amount of push needed to move electrons between 2 pointsvoltagea path that has a break that prevents electrons from returning to the power sourceopen circuta path that allows electron to return to the power sourceclosed circutfeild lines in magnets point which way?awayname 1 part of an electromagnetpower sourcename 1 more part of an electromagnetsolenoidname the last part of an electromagnetferromagnetic corewhat is a penduluma mass attached to the end of an arm( a string or something)what are the effects of mass and angle on pendulumsNONEwhat is the effect of arm length on pendulumsas it increases so does speedgive an example of mechanical waveswater wavesparts of a wavetrough, crest, resting point, and neutral positiongive one characteristic of a reflectionappears to be equal distance away from mirrorlaw of reflectionangle of reflection when compared to the normalincedent rayECreflected rayCFnormalDCangle of incedenceECDangle of reflectionDCFwhat is refractionit is when an image is distorted due to change in mediumsnear sightednessit is when the eye focuses in front of the retinafar sightednesswhen the eye focuses nehind the retina