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Pursuit of Happyness


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Left family since times were rough
What is misspelled on the wall outside the daycare?
mural outside Christopher's daycare misspells Happiness to Happyness.
Rubiks cube was
'the gift sensation of 1981' according to the film?
Chris Gardener Sr.
Highly intelligent, Showed belief and strong love in family; believed in dreams
How did seeing the movie make the real Chris feel?
Helped him to create a new memory of San Francisco, therapy to get over the experience.
What type of equipment does Chris tote around the city, peddling to doctors and hospitals?
Bone Density Scanners
What inspires him to make this bold move?
He sees a stockbroker parking a luxurious red convertible.
What was the first name of Chris' Wife?
Chris's final interview for the internship arrives, he is forced to arrive un-showered, unshaven and half-dressed. Why?
While he was painting the day before, he'd been arrested for failure to pay parking tickets and held overnight in jail.
What did he call the last part of his life?
Dean Witter
Gave Chris an opportunity
Mrs. Chu
Took care of Chistopher
Thomas Jefferson
America is only obligated to give people opportunity for happiness
Supply side, market driven economy; system will create more wealth but has potential to have widening gap b/w right and poor; creates high production but takes over resources from poor
A disloyal "friend" of Chris
Ten Gallon
Nickname to Chris, was extremely intelligent but had no education; provide capability to be marketable
What year was this movie produced
Jay Twistle
Gave Chris a chance
Perseverance means
to be persistence, tenacity, determination, staying power,
Christopher Gardener Jr.
Got basketball for his birthday
Bob Bridges
Owned a fancy sports car, stock broker
Tim Robbin
Chief executive of Dean Witter
Gabe Muccino
Took Chris to SanFran 49ers football game
Dr. Floria
Loyal buyer of scanner machines
What was the name of Chris' abusive step father?
Freddie Triplett
What did the bus and train represent to Chris
Save place to sleep, struggle, what is our next step?
Glide Memorial
Church in which Chris and his son prayed
Telephone Calls
Chris' means for sales
What was Chris's mothers name?
Bettye Jean
Dr. Strauk
Loyal buyer of scanner machine
Chris was put on the streets for not paying these
Hippie Girl
Stole from Chris
The Cab Driver in the movie
stole from him
Evicted Chris from his home
Who was the reverend at Glide Memorial church
Rev. Cecil Williams
The IRS collects the Gardner's taxes from the previous year -- directly from
Chris's bank account
Why were Chris and his son turned away from the first hostel?
Because it was for single mothers.
What did Chris lose when he was hit by a car?
During the interview Martin Frohm asked Chris 'What would you say if a guy walked in for an interview without a shirt on, and I hired him! What would you say?' What was Chris' response?
He must have had on some really nice pants.
Where did this movie take place?
San Francisco 1981
Chris said he made the movie to send a message of...
pursuing your dream, working through struggles