Bible-new and improved-Test Set for test Chapters 1-3!

hey this includes the workbook AND notes.. so...ya...hope yall like it!
make disciples of all nations, baptize them in the name of the Lord, and teach them to observe all things I have commanded you, and stay in jerusalam
What were the 4 commandments that Jesus gave the disciples before he ascended into heaven?
What did the apostles receive from the Holy Spirit?
How many days did Jesus's post-ressurection ministry last?
Jesus said the apostles would be his what (chapter 1)?
eat, people could feel his scars
what were the two things Jesus could do to prove he wasn't a ghost?
it is unknown, when God is ready
When will the kingdom of heaven return?
the Holy Spirit would come, they would be his witnesses, that he would return
What three promises did Jesus make to his disciples before he left?
a piece of land
What did Judas Iscariot buy with the money he got for turning Jesus?
he killed himself
How did Judas Iscariot die?
Who did the apostles chose to replace Judas?
sent one; teacher/leader
one who chooses to die rather than deny his religious beliefs
a follower/student
they thought they were drunk
When the Holy Spirit came on to the disciples, what did the crowd think was wrong with them?
when they repent and ask for forgivness
When can a person receice the Holy Spirit?
What did the cripple outside the beautiful gate want from Peter?
40 years
How long has the man outside the beautiful gate been crippled?
The name of Jesus Christ
What was the only thing Peter said he could give the cripple?
free barabbas, let Jesus be crusified
What did the people say to Pilate when he asked who they wanted to be set free?
apostle, in Jerusalem, telling jews to ask for forgivness, repent, be baptized, and receive the Holy Spirit
Holiday when the Holy Spirit came, 50 days after passover, when people give 10% of thier income, started with cain and abel
Holy Spirit
person of God living in a beleiver to help him make good decisions
the main thing the Early Church had
Holiday to celebrate the angel of death passing over the ones who sacrificed their best lamb
to give 10% Of our income to God
Holiday-jews celebrate on saturday
when jews go to church/temple
swoon theory(jesus just fainted on the cross), theives stole the body, and the disciples stole the body, the women went to the wrong tomb
What were the 4 theorys about CHrist's ressurection? (that he didn't rise from the dead)