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  1. ritardando
  2. pitch
  3. allegro
  4. repeat sign
  5. dynamics
  1. a frequency is the same as this...
  2. b to slow down while playing is called..
  3. c the symbols in sheet music indicating volume are called...
  4. d to play lively and fast is called...
  5. e tells you to repeat certain bars of music

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  1. sharps or flats at the beginning of each staff to indicate the key of the composition is called..
  2. speed of vibrations equals this
  3. to play very softly or gently is called..
  4. 2/2 time is also called...
  5. This clef is used to resemble higher notes

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  1. crescendoto gradually play quieter


  2. eighth noteWhat note gets .5 beats in common time?


  3. semitonethe smallest pitch difference between notes is called..


  4. pitchthe number on the ___ tells you how many beats are in a bar in the time signature


  5. 88a standard piano usually has this many keys (type a number. i.e: 5)