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  1. dotted eighth note
  2. sharp
  3. repeat sign
  4. semitone
  5. cut time
  1. a a note raised by a semitone is called..
  2. b the smallest pitch difference between notes is called..
  3. c 2/2 time is also called...
  4. d tells you to repeat certain bars of music
  5. e What note gets .75 beats in common time?

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  1. What note gets .5 beats in common time?
  2. a set of five horizontal lines and for spaces is called..
  3. The amount of white keys on a standard piano (type a number. i.e: 5)
  4. a symbol indicating to play loud is called..
  5. to gradually quicken tempo is called...

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  1. allegroto play lively and fast is called...


  2. pianissimoto play very loud


  3. fortissimoto play as loud as possible


  4. mezzo forteto play moderately loudly is called..


  5. dotted whole noteWhat note gets 3 beats in common time?