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  1. allegro
  2. tempo
  3. measure
  4. fortissimo
  5. chord
  1. a to play lively and fast is called...
  2. b to play very loud
  3. c 3 or 4 notes played simultaneously in harmony is called a....
  4. d the overall speed of a piece of music is called..
  5. e represents one bar of music

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  1. This clef is used to resemble higher notes
  2. the joined treble and bass clef is called..
  3. What note gets .5 beats in common time?
  4. to play smoothly in a connected manner is called..
  5. This clef is used to resemble lower notes

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  1. ritardandoto slow down while playing is called..


  2. 52The amount of white keys on a standard piano (type a number. i.e: 5)


  3. dotted whole noteWhat note gets 3 beats in common time?


  4. accelerandoto gradually play louder


  5. dotted quarter noteWhat note gets 1.5 beats in common time?