32 terms

3rd Grade ADVENT 7-12

Holy men and women who live with God in Heaven
A special saint who takes care an individual person, activity, church, place or country.
Patron saint
will live forever; will not die. Our soul is ________________
The spiritual part of us that give us life and the power to think and will
What make choices? What part of us Choices to Love God.
We us our minds to _____________. We _________ about Jesus and truths he gave us.
to Think
What saint was born in 1225? He wanted to be a priest but his parents tried to stop him. He became a Dominican Priest and was a teacher.
St. Thomas Aquinas
Worthy of respect. Self worth that comes from God. We have ____________ because we are created by God.
One who speaks for God. Usually found in the bible. Jeremiah and John the Baptist are examples
The holy writings in the bible. They are inspired by the Holy spirit.
Something that makes a bad choice look good. The Devil is responsible for some ____________________
Who should we follow as an example? We should try to act like?
Jesus was tempted by the Devil when he was in the wilderness. What did he do to resist the Devil?
He prayed using the bible
What does "bear false witness" mean?
to lie
To want to take something that belongs to someone else.
to covet
another word for respect.
the adoration and honor given to God alone. We _____________ God alone.
Remember to keep holy the Lord's Day What do we have to do on Sunday and Holy Days?
go to Mass
I am the Lord Your God; you shall not have strange gods before me The 1st Commandment say we have to
Love God more than anything else.
A law that comes from God
remember to keep holy the Lord's day We have to rest on the Sabbath, which mean no ____________ on Sunday
No Working
Who did God give the 10 Commandments to?
What country did Moses grow up in?
A simple story that teaches about God
What is the name of the person who help the man left on the road by the robbers?
Good Samaritan
What did the Jews think about Samaritans? What did they feel about them?
They hated them
Name the following saint. Born in France 1873. Became a nun at 15 and died at age 24. She liked to do little things for God.
St. Therese of Lisieux
Name the saint. Born in north Africa in 354. When he was young he was a sinner. His mom prayed for him all the time and he turned to Jesus. He became a priest and bishop. He was very smart and wrote many books.
St. Augustine
Why do we have dignity? Where does our dignity come from?
God made us. Dignity comes from God.
What happens when we do the same thing over and over? When we practice doing good, it becomes?
It becomes easier. (We develop a good habit.)
What are the two powers of the Soul? Two powers than animals do not have.
1) Mind and 2) Will
5 Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary
1) Agony in the Garden 2) Scourging at the Pillar 3) Crowning of thorns 4) Carrying of the Cross 5) Crucifixion