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Ch. 13 Social Psychology

a composite of multiple faces that have been digitally blended to produce an "average" face
Which of the following faces would be rated as most attractive?
NOT : was thrown off by the flash of a camera.
You are watching golf and see Tiger Woods frown. You would be making the fundamental attribution error if you assumed that he
fundamental attribution
The light turns green and Kaylee is about to go. A man driving a red truck goes speeding through the red light. Mentally, Kaylee calls him a jerk and thinks to herself that his license should be revoked. Kaylee may be committing the ________ error.
Henry feels the same way they do
A very attractive female walks by Henry and his friends. His friends begin to whistle at her, but Henry feels that the whistling is demeaning so he does nothing. Based on the false consensus effect, what will Henry's friends think about his attitude toward the female?
the self-objectification effect.
When you do poorly on a test, you remind yourself of all the distractions you had at school that week. You are displaying
social comparison.
"Am I as popular as Cathy?" This question is an example of gaining self-knowledge through the process of
NOT: informational influence.
Hugh bought a new calculator at Staples for $125. One week later, he saw an ad from Wal-Mart showing the same calculator on sale for $65. Hugh said to himself, "I'm glad I got my calculator at Staples; the ones at Wal-Mart are probably defective. I don't mind having paid more for mine." Hugh's statement reflects
________ theory contends that behaviors can influence attitudes.
central route to persuasion.
Allison is at a workshop where a presenter is attempting to persuade people to make a rather risky but potentially profitable financial investment. Alison finds this person's idea compelling and decides to invest. This example best demonstrates the
NOT: Pete who is walking by and saw the whole event unfold
Paula has just stumbled down the steps and twisted her ankle. Who is most likely to empathize with her?
Both A and C are accurate. A. Egoism involves helping others so that they may help us one day. C. Egoism involves helping another in order to appear powerful.
Which of the following is an accurate description of egoism?
pro-social; reciprocity
Altruism is to ________ as egoism is to ________.
People may be socialized to believe humans are selfish, but they really may not be.
Which of the following statements best reflects Dale Miller's position on altruism?
Both A and C are examples of aggression. A. Billy kicks Shana in the shin. C. Hillary calls Minnie a bad name.
Which of the following behaviors is an example of aggression?
more likely to engage in delinquent acts.
When compared with adolescents who do not play violent video games, adolescents who do play these games are
normative social influence
Joyce has the potential to be an honor student. However, she frustrates her teachers because of her actions. Rather than work to succeed, she tends to "dummy down" to act more like the students that she hangs out with. She sometimes answers questions incorrectly just to be more like her friends. Which of the following perspectives would explain this?
NOT: has a conservative authority figure who is perceived to be legitimate.
A group of public officials is meeting to decide what to do about a budget shortage. According to the principle of group polarization, this group is most likely to reach a highly conservative decision because the group
Groups would more carefully consider the evidence if they did not need to come to a unanimous decision.
Studies of group interactions and decision making support which of the following statements?
social identity theory
Rod and Deandra are intense supporters of their favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys. Their self-esteem is strongly affected by the performance of the Cowboys. Which theory would best explain this effect?
share his opinions verbally with other test takers
While participating in a research study on racism, Kareem had to complete the IAT. What was he asked to do during this test?
Both A and C are correct. A. people of different racial groups tend to view members of other groups as looking all the same. C. females typically experience this problem more than males, regardless of their racial group membership.
Jia, a Chinese American, was mugged by a White American. All of the suspects in the police line-up are White so she finds it very difficult to identify the man who attacked her. According to research,
In a recent study, researchers sent 5,000 fictitious resumes to companies advertising in Chicago and Boston. Applicants with "black-sounding" names were 50% less likely to be called for an interview than those with "white-sounding" names. This unfair treatment based on the group to which someone belongs (or seems to belong) is called
in-born tendencies
Which of the following is NOT a reason why people develop prejudice?
the mere exposure effect.
Susan drives by a particularly unusual apartment building each day on her way to and from work. Initially, she does not think much of the structure and actually has a mild dislike for it. However, after several months of commuting, she starts to like the apartment building and is even considering trying to rent an apartment there. This change in Susan's feelings about the building best demonstrates
Loneliness can lead to early death
Which of the following statements is TRUE in regards to health?