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Ch. 13 Social Psychology

Those who are above average in looks are considered more likable.
You have been asked to assist a defense attorney in planning a defendant's case. You insist that all of the defense character witnesses be above average in looks. What is the most likely reason for your request?
a composite of multiple faces that have been digitally blended to produce an "average" face
Which of the following faces would be rated as most attractive?
the self-fulfilling prophecy.
It appears that many attractive people possess a number of positive characteristics. This is possibly due to
self-fulfilling prophecy
Billy's third grade teacher read in his file that he has a history of being a trouble maker. When Billy accidently drops his pencil on the first day of school, his teacher immediately takes five minutes off his recess time, which in turn causes Billy to talk back to her. She smiles at him and says, "I knew you were going to be trouble!" What concept is being depicted in this scenario?
self-fulfilling prophecy
A study by Rosenthal and Jacobson found that children who were labeled as "late bloomers" at the start of the school year showed larger IQ gains than other, non-labeled students, even though these particular children were chosen randomly. The children's teachers were informed about these labels but the students themselves were not. The results from this study are most relevant to which of the following?
Tommy just hit the game winning homerun for his team. He is most likely to attribute his success to
Greg is confident that although he did poorly on his first psychology exam, he will do much better on the next one. Greg is depicting which dimension of attribution theory?
She is a clumsy person.
You see a student stumble and drop her books in the hall. According to the fundamental attribution error, how would you explain this student's behavior?
NOT: self-objectification.
If Cathy blames her poor performance on her history teacher because he made the test too hard, she is engaging in
ask for race/ethnic information before the test starts.
According to research on stereotype threat, we should be especially concerned about standardized tests if they
It is not possible to predict his behavior based on his attitude alone.
Cecil has a positive attitude towards the Salvation Army. What will he do at holiday time when he walks by one of their donation collectors?
Professor Green has to make a big presentation to the board members. He is struggling between choosing a power point presentation or making a short video to get his point across. Which element of persuasion is the professor struggling with?
central route to persuasion.
Allison is at a workshop where a presenter is attempting to persuade people to make a rather risky but potentially profitable financial investment. Alison finds this person's idea compelling and decides to invest. This example best demonstrates the
the foot-in-the-door.
A person on campus walks up to you and asks if you would be willing to wear a ribbon to show support for her cause. Though the ribbon is a bit unattractive, it is small so you agree to wear it. After agreeing to this request, the solicitor then asks you if you would be willing to make a donation of $15. This example best demonstrates the persuasion technique called
If you were to send Christmas cards to everyone in your address book and you received Christmas cards back from most of the recipients, your results would be consistent with the theory of
Both A and C are examples of aggression. A. Billy kicks Shana in the shin. C. Hillary calls Minnie a bad name.
Which of the following behaviors is an example of aggression?
social contagion.
Several members of the women's softball team have developed bulimia. This may be the result of
NOT: significantly more than the sum of their individual efforts.
Six people are competing in a tug-of-war competition. First they compete as individuals and then they compete as a team. When competing as a team, their combined effort level is likely to be
endorse riskier decisions when it is a group rather than a personal decision.
The term "risky shift" is used to describe the tendency to
Minority opinions cannot exert normative pressure, but often can change people's minds via informational pressure.
Studies of group interactions and decision making support which of the following statements?
In a study based on Tajfel's theory of social identity, Cathy is randomly assigned as a member of Group A and Sara is randomly assigned as a member of Group B. When asked to award money to other study participants, both Cathy and Tracey awarded money only to members of their own respective group. This behavior is predicted by Tajfel's theory and is an example of
Thinking that ethnic out-groups are not only different but are worse than your group is called
the jigsaw classroom
In order to improve interactions among students from different ethnic backgrounds, a teacher would be best advised to use
NOT: Social comparison
________ explains why people are attracted to others who are similar to them.
investment model
Which of the following proposes that relationships are likely to continue as long as there are not tempting alternative options?