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joseph stalin

ruled soviet union as "model communist state"


government that has complete control of its citizens

benito mussolini

established totalitarian regime in Italy


stressed nationalism and placed its interests of the state about the citizens

adolf hitler

established nazism in Germany


German brand of fascism, based on extreme nationalism

fransisco franco

general who led spanish army officials to rebel against spanish republic

neutrality acts

out lawed arms sales or loans to nations at war/civil war

neville chamberlain

british prime minister

edouard daladier

french premier

winston churchill

political rival of chamberlain in GReat Britain


giving up principles to pacify an aggressor

nonagression pact

stalin and hitlers agreement not to attack eachother and divide poland


suprise war tactic using powerful aircraft and fast tanks

charles de gaulle

french general that fled to england where he sut up a government in exile


night of broken glass, nazis attack jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues across germany

concentration camps

labor camps

axis powers

germany, italy, japan

lend-lease act

U.S would lend or lease arms and supplies to U.S allies

atlantic charter

roosevelt and churchill settle a joint decleration of war aims

hideki tojo

chief of staff of japans kwantung army that invades china


loyalty to ones country above all else

what are dictators diven by belief?

nationalism and territorial expansion

treaty of versailles

angered germans

weimar republic

the democratic government set up in germany after ww1

rise of dictators

democratic governments failed so people turned to authoritarian leaders to solve economic and social problems

economic goals of soviet union

agricultural and industrial growth

Stalins "five year plan"

all economic activity=under state management

fascist party

established by mussolini, power must rest in 1 strong leader and small party members

"black shirts"

mussolinis followers in black uniforms march to rome and italian king made him head of government


totalitarian/nationalism/fascist state

soviet union

totalitarian/communist state



mein kampf

my struggle, book of basic nazi beliefs that became nazi part plan of action

hitlers 3 goals

unite 1 german empire, racial purification, national expansion

storm troopers (brown shirts)

unemployed men who joined hitlers private army

third reich (third german empire)

hitlers established government that would last a thousand years

military leaders

control imperial government of japan


expansionism for growing population


japan militarists launch suprise attack and sieze chinas province


german region bordering france and belgium that was demilitarized as a result of the treaty of versailles


Mussolinis first target

haile selassie

ousted ethiopian emporer

abraham lincoln batallion

smericans who fought in spain to fight against franco


totalitarian/ fascism dictated by Franco who was backed by italy and germany

kellog brand pact

treaty signed by 62 countries that declared war would not be used as an instrument of national policy

recipricol trade agreement

act that lowered trade barriers by giving the president the power to make trade agreements with other nations and reduced tarrifs by 50 percent

germany invades austria

march 12, 1938. austria does not oppose the annextion


western border regions of czech republic

munich agreement

france and britian turned sudetenland to germany without war


seized by germany march 15 1939


german air force...rolled over poland using blitzkrieg tactic

great britain and france declare war on germany after

germany seizes poland

maginot line

system of fortifications built along frances eastern border

soviet union conquers 1939

estonia, latvia, lithuania, finland

germany invades denmark and norway

"to protect their freedom and independence" but to build bases along coasts to strie britain


germans trap brit and france soldiers as they fled to dunkirk beach on french side of english channel

hitlers terms of surrender to france

germans wud occupy northern part of france and nazi government established in southern france

marshal philipe petain

head of nazi government in southern france

battle of britain

2,000 luftwaffe planes in london skies for 2 months bombing london


helped british pilots aim at german planes even in darkness

first order of racial purification

removing all nonaryans from governmental jobs


systematic murder of 11 million people across europe and jew


anti jews


hitlers belief that they caused economic problems and defeat of ww1

numenberg laws

took away jews' german citizenship,jobs and property and wear a bright star of david

st. louis ship

ship of immigrants were denied into America


jews,communists,socialists,liberals,gypsies,freemasons,jeovahs witness,disabled,terminally ill, gays, roman catholic


segregated jewish areas in polish cities sealed w barb wire and stone walls

selectie training and service act

16 million men btwn the ages of 21 and 35 were regisitered, 1 million drafter for 1 year to serve in western hemisphere

wofl pack attack

individual surface attacks by u-boats

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