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The size of a species' population, be that animal or human, is influenced by births, deaths, immigration, and emigration.


A population will increase in size when it is made up mostly of individuals in the prereproductive age category.


No population can grow indefinitely because there is always some limiting factor that keeps a population in check.


Carrying capacity (K) is a result of the combination of biotic potential and environmental resistance.


Because humans can control over their environment and readily adapt to change, human populations can never experience a population crash.


A population's growth rate will increase as the population reaches its carrying capacity.


When a population overshoots the environment's carrying capacity, species diversity becomes constant.


The human population can continue yielding a J-shaped growth curve because of technology.


Carrying capacity is the population size (or density) at which the environment saturated.


When a population reaches carrying capacity, the population's biotic potential gradually declines to a consistent values slightly greater than the original.


The effect of population increase or environmental resistance is not felt instantly in most cases.


It is always an advantage to reproduce sexually.


Highly developed countries have such a high population growth rate because the birth rate is so high.


K-selected species tend to be opportunists and can fill a niche by reproducing rapidly until carrying capacity is reached.


On a survivorship curve, r-selected species tend to demonstrate late loss.


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