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the baroke period spanned from

1600- 1750

early baroque being from

1600- 1700


a very short unstaged opera written for instruments and one or two voices in a single scene or situation


large scale work like an opera, but non-staged and based on a sacred story


music designed to imitate closely as possile the freedom and expressiveness of speech


the first opera in the history of western music composed by monteverdi

henry purcell

early baroque composer, famous works was dido and aneas

solo sonata

performed by basso continuo and one virtuoso performer


_____ music wasnt as popular as vivaldis during the time he lived, he music was much more busy and harder on the ear

da capo form

means from the beginning, its musical letter form is ABA


a mature male singer that maintained a high immature boys voice, most bamous was farinelli


a musical setting on the gospel stories of the death and resurrection of christ


wrote 2 passions based on the gospels of st john and st matthew


a carefully worked out poluphonic piece of music using a theme subject or motive that occurs in all voices


something that returns

program music

music that tells a story


a vocal virtuoso lyrical piece of music

henry purcell

perhaps the most manous and talented english composer of the early baroque period


built my louis XIV in the 1600s, most impressive and famous building of the baroque period

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